PSHE – Emotions

In PSHE today we were thinking about emotions. Mr Salmon took pictures of us as we did a group task. Afterwards we looked at the pictures to try and work out how the person was feeling. Here are some pictures of our challenge. We had to do a puzzle, but it was upside down! What… Read more »

Division – written methods

In maths we have been using written methods to share. Here are some examples. We shared using counters

Class assembly

Today we shared our learning journey with the school during our class assembly. We have been learning about maps and symbols in geography, programming in ICT, adding and partitioning in maths and much more! Thank you Mr Salmon and Miss Barber for helping us with our learning.

Punctuation Kung Fu

Today we worked on our sentence structure and practised some Punctuation Kung Fu to remind us to use punctuation in our work. We practised the action for full stop. We practised the action for exclamation mark.

Material Properties

Today we experimented with different materials. We had to choose one we thought would make the best plane ticket. We tested different properties for each material. We tried wood, pasta, paper and plastic.

Noah’s Ark

On Monday, the Holy Council planned and delivered Collective Worship. The story of Noah’s Ark was chosen to support the them of persevering. Thank you to all the team for working together and well done!


Today we used the balance beams in gym. We tried different ways of crossing them without falling off. Here are some pictures of us balancing.


In our journeys topic we have been looking at maps. We have studied maps for places around the world, looking at different features. Today we were trying to find places using coordinates. We used the rhyme ‘along the corridor and up the stairs’ to help us remember which part of the map we looked at… Read more »

Christmas Lunch!

On Friday we had a whole school Christmas lunch, the food was so amazing! We had turkey, lots of veg and crispy potatoes. We also had Yorkshire puddings and crackers! Everyone, student and staff, had such a fantastic time with many giggles. Thank you to all the members of staff that helped out with the… Read more »

Sewing Update

Just a quick update on our snowmen jumpers. We have really started to get the hang of threading needles and running strictness, some of us have even been doing cross stitches too.