School Sports Grant Expenditure: Financial Year 2016/17

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on role 78
Total amount of SSG received £8,375
Nature of support from September 2016
We support improvement in sport participation through providing opportunities for competition within the local consortium. Some of the grant is used to provide high quality coaching for each class for one session per week. This provides opportunities for pupils to engage in sport with trained coaches, as well as for teachers to observe and use good practice.

Additional after school clubs are provided, promoting physical health and fitness and challenge and development for more able sportspeople.

Measuring the impact of SSG spending
The measurement of the impact of the support and interventions shows that pupils are more engaged with P.E. sessions, with enthusiasm for sport increasing. Teachers are becoming more confident in teaching the specific skills needed to extend and challenge pupils in sport. Uptake of extra-curricular activities is high, promoting both excellence in sport and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We are also increasing the amount of amount of sports events we are able to participate in, with an ambition to make progress and achieve success in these.