Truth or lie?

The children enjoyed a game of true or false in Collective Worship on Monday as we explored the theme of persevering with the truth. After telling a few exaggerated tales, I then told a true story (just like in the story of the boy who cried wolf). The children realised how difficult it is to… Read more »

Division – online games

Happy Sunday all! There has been an activity set on My Maths today for our new maths topic, division. This is not a my maths activity – it will be a message where you will find links to alternative games our students can play instead. Further learning is scheduled tomorrow, which will be My Maths… Read more »

Soap carving

Classes 2 and 3 had a fun afternoon carving arrowheads out of soap! Thank you Mr Este, Mr Lines and Mrs Archer for organising this fun afternoon of learning.

Parable of The Lost Coin

We have been reflecting on times when we have been lost or we have lost something. We listened to the story of The Lost Coin from Luke’s Gospel. Well done to all the children who helped one another to think about their feelings as well as find strategies to help them to persevere through these… Read more »

Strings and bows

Today, we started our music lessons with Mrs. Luff. We enjoyed learning about the different parts of the violins and cellos. We also learnt some Italian words whilst we were exploring musical terminology. Thank you to Mr Este and Mrs Archer for organising this for the Year 3 & 4 children.


We enjoyed our Archery lesson with Mr. Hodgkins! Thank you Mrs. Archer and Mr. Este for organising this lesson as part of our Stone Age topic.

Noah’s Ark

Today, in collective worship, we thought about the Old Testament story – Noah’s Ark. We thought about Noah and how he had to persevere. We then reflected on how we can learn from this. The children enjoyed acting out the story and listening to the song below!


This week we have been learning some uplifting songs! Please continue to enjoy these at home too.


This week we have been learning about Epiphany and what it means to Christians. Thank you Reverend Tracey for leading our worship on Tuesday and helping us to find ways to persevere in our daily lives.

Christingle services

Thank you to our amazing Holy Council who led today’s Christingle Services with Reverend Tracey. The children read clearly and sang beautifully! I am so proud how sensible the children were during the services, especially whilst the candles were lit.