Science- teeth 

Class 3 have been examining different types of teeth and their purposes. We have talked about how to look after our teeth and how different species have adapted to eat their food. We designed the correct teeth for our dragons!

Board of champions

These people have been very good today they have have worked well on subjects in class. Well Done!!!

A dramatic recount

Pupils in Class 3 have been reading diary entries and dramatising the main events. Groups acted out scenes where they went to water parks, watched Star Wars and got a new dog. 

Monday Write

This is the big Monday write for next week (apologies for the full stop after the exclamation mark – typo!)


Please note that due to the fact that many children did not have spelling books with them today, we will be doing spelling tests on Monday. They will be given the spelling lists for the next few weeks if they have not got them already.  Mr. Este


We have been doing fractions today. Caitlyn worked out 1/16 of 128 = 8 because there are 16 equal pieces and each is worth Bella  Caitlyn and Ellie Rose