Year 6 residential

The year 6 children have had a wonderful first day on their residential to Mearsea. Today they have completed the aerial adventure and turned their hands to a bit of archery! More news and pictures to follow!

Father’s Day Lunch

Today we enjoyed a special Father’s Day lunch and play! Thank you Maxine for all your hard work and to the Dads and Grandads for joining us!


Today some children from Class 3 started their cycling lessons. Good luck to all the pupils and we hope you enjoy the lessons. We will be looking to run further sessions in the next academic year.

Trinity service

Today the whole school went to church to learn about Trinity. Each class planned a presentation to help us to think about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Class 1 spoke about different ways that God helps us through a poem, Class 2 presented a short play about John the… Read more »

Year 5 Road Safety Walk

Today the Year 5’s had a road safety lesson where they learnt how to keep themselves safe when crossing the road. The children were very sensible answering questions and thinking about different scenarios.

Prayer Spaces

Today the Christian Youth Outreach team set up prayer spaces in the library. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing the activities and reflecting by saying please, sorry and thank you for different aspects of our lives. Here are some of the pictures from the day!

Royal celebrations

We thoroughly enjoyed our royal picnic to celebrate the wedding. Thank you Maxine for organising this event.