Circulatory system 

In science, we learnt about the circulatory system and smooth muscles in our blood vessels. Do not worry, it  is only red water!​ ​

Playground markings

Today, the School Council met with Luke to plan and design the playground markings. They worked hard using squared paper to plan the layout of the markings. The markings are due to be installed in the Summer term. Thank you Luke for all of our hard work and support with this project.

First aid training

Today, the year three’s has their  turn to learn about first aid training and what to do if someone collapses. This was really exciting a fun to learn how to potentially save someone’s life.

How to save a life!

Today we had the privilege of being taught how to do CPR and how to look for the signs of cardiac arrest. This was so interesting and exciting to learn all this key information.

Talk for writing!

Today, in English we focussed on a piece of writing in which we created a talk for writing sequence. This was really fun and interesting to see everyone’s ideas For our actions and pictures.

The sound of music

Yesterday, we improved upon our Ukulele skills. We learnt the F chord and C chord.

PSHE Time!

Yesterday, we completed a lesson in PSHE. We created scenarios with Mrs Richards and then discussed what should be done in situations involving negative behaviours such as name calling and bullying.

Can you help?

We are looking for a volunteer to help in the library and with our accelerated reader programme. If you think you could help with the following things, please make an appointment to see me as soon as possible: * Helping to organise and sort books in the library. * Helping children to check they are… Read more »

Descriptive writing

Today we watched a video which was all about a fantasy setting. We then described it in detail on pieces of A3 paper. We were very focused.


Today, we continued with our theme of perseverance whilst attempting to complete some fun challenges! We talked about different strategies and tools that help us to persevere including learning from others and using resources. We then wrote a few of our own personal aims down as a way of committing to them and supporting one… Read more »