Accelerated Reader

During closure, it will still be important to encourage reading and comprehension on a daily basis. I am therefore opening up Accelerated Reader to be used at home. You must follow this link to access AR from home. Searching through google to find the site will not allow you to access your child’s login.… Read more »

Useful Websites

Due to circumstances, I would like to point you towards the following websites to help with your child’s education at home. Despite the call to close schools, staff are no less dedicated to ensuring that children gain the best education possible irregardless of whether your child is in school or not. I am aware that… Read more »


Look at our amazing clay and salt dough models! Do they look like us?!

Yes we ‘cam’

Is afternoon we have been working on cam mechanisms; building vehicles that had up and down movement as well as the standard forward and back. We will be building on this idea to design toys later on.

*Experiment* Importance of washing your hands!

Just stumbled across this brilliant video that can give our students a visual on just how important it is to wash their hands (in general and definitely now!) Take a look and have a try with them – they’ll love it! Have a great weekend and stay safe everyone! Thanks, Miss Jenkins 🙂

Felting (continued)

A massive thank you to everybody who was involved in helping with the felting today. The results were fantastic and we can’t wait to see it when it is finished and bought back in. I apologise to anyone I didn’t get to thank in person. Everyone’s help was truly appreciated. Mr. Este 

Learning packs.

Good afternoon, Children will be receiving learning packs this weekend and the beginning of next week in case of a school closure (unlikely at the moment). We like to be prepared just in case. Learning has been set via paper packs and my maths learning too. Please check with your class teachers for logins if… Read more »

Additional Work

Your child will come home today with a pack of work. This work is there in the event that anybody needs to self-isolate. It covers many of the topics we have been and will be covering in class. Naturally, this means that some things may come up that are yet to be taught. Please support… Read more »


We have been working hard on our felting picture today. It’s going really well so far. We look forward to showing you the finished article!

Clay faces

We thoroughly enjoyed making clay faces as part of creative week.