Piano lessons

Our piano teacher, Louise Baulch,  offers a fantastic learning opportunity for pupils across the school. She teaches 30 minute lessons for £17. If you would like to make any further enquiries please contact Louise directly on 07762883545 or email info@louisebaulch.co.uk

The iRock School of Music believe every child deserves a brighter future. Our in-school rock and pop band lessons provide an amazing confidence boosting experience for children by making music fun! Please contact the school office or click here to enrol you child.

Our weekly 30 minute band sessions happen within the school day. We look after everything and even supply all of the instruments. It could not be easier. Band members are grouped by similar ages and year groups. Band sizes are capped at nine to ensure everyone receives the very best learning experience. We create an environment where every child can flourish. Please visit our website to sign up – https://www.irockschool.com/