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Our class curriculum overviews can be viewed below.

Tolleshunt D’Arcy St. Nicholas C of E (VA) Primary School

Curriculum Overview –           Class: 1                                    Year: EYFS

Year Group Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Topic/theme Marvellous Me Seasons Traditional tales/my favourite books Space and Natural World Ship Ahoy! Seaside
Communication and language Circle Time

Playing together

Likes and dislikes

Rhymes and story bag

Following instructions

Circle Time

Playing together

Likes and dislikes


Listening to music link with pictures – The snowman and Snowdog

What is your favourite story?

Circle time

Sharing stories with Year 1/2/3

Retelling stories

Space exploration – What would you do if you went into space

Listening to stories and

Retelling stories

Following instructions

Rhymes and chants

Listening attentively

Creating stories and rhymes

Speaking confidently and clearly to others

Physical Development Movement songs

Being healthy

Bikes – pushing, pedalling

Dance and movement.


Go Noodle and Cosmic Kids


Outside equipment – control of movement.

Basic equipment in PE

Team games

Control of movement, changing direction and speed



Water play

Handling tools

PE –

Parachute games

Sports Day

Obstacle courses

Team games

Moving with confidence, control and co-ordination

Personal, Social and Emotional Development Learning rules and expectations of our new class.

Turn taking.


Making positive relationships.

Managing feelings.

Managing feelings.

Sharing with friends.

Turn taking.

What does a good friend look like?

Healthy eating

Trying new things and building confidence

Promoting independence

Managing feelings

Show care for living things

Promoting independence

Working together Helping

Self-care routines

Promoting independence

Being a kind friend

Circle time

New beginnings, moving on

Managing feelings when things are changing

Literacy Book focus – Charlie and Lola I am absolutely too small for school

A unique me



Book Focus

Percy the Park keeper One Snowy Night.

Oliver’s Vegetables.

Eat Your Peas.


Mark making

Looking at traditional tales.


Writing for a purpose

Book Focus –

Q Pootle 5

Whatever Next

Aliens love underpants



Book Focus –

Captain Beastie’s Pirate Party

Pirate Stew

Phonics and writing

Book Focus –

Commotion in the Ocean

Barry the fish with fingers

Phonics and writing

Mathematics Number 1-10

Recognition. Reliably counting 1:1 correspondence

Number songs.

Number 1-10 counting and recognition


Number songs

Shape – 2D

Number bonds to 10

Numbers to 10 ordering

Addition and subtraction

Shape 2D/3D properties

Numbers to 20 – recognition/ordering

Shape and size – biggest smallest, longest shortest


Numbers to 20  – place value



Positional language



Numbers to 20 – place value

1 more/less

Understanding the world Focus on the D’Arcy Spice apple tree.

Local walks.

Familiar faces.


Festivals – Diwali.

Christmas celebration.

Tales from around the world – tradition

ICT – Colour Magic

Caring for living things.

Space exploration/investigations

Similarities and differences between past and present.

Simple programming – Beebots

Using Technology for a purpose.

Seaside holidays children have experienced compared with parents/grandparents.

Expressive Arts and Design Exploring instruments

Role play

Mud kitchen

Making Diva lamps

Bonfire night! Creating fireworks

Colour mixing/mixed materials for purpose. Role play – space

Junk modelling – space shuttles and moon buggies

Building a bug hotel

Underpants for the aliens

Pirate songs – expressive movement

Instruments to accompany dance.

Using mixed materials to create seaside creatures.

Role play – holidays

Christian Value Responsibility Friendly Persevering Truthful Courageous Creative
Key dates (visits/ visitors) Safety week – water safety (RNLI)

Park visit

Diwali visitor

Nativity Production

Family storytelling afternoons wb 21/1/19

Storytelling walks at Discovery Centre Braintree

TBC Pirate Day.

Parents/carers to join us and learn our sea shanties.

Trip to the seaside.

Tolleshunt Primary School Whole Year Planning Overview

Academic Year: 2018/19 Year group:    1/2                        Class Teacher: Mr Salmom
Autumn 1stHalf Term

(7 weeks)

Autumn 2ndHalf Term

(7 weeks)

Spring 1st Half Term

(6 weeks)

Spring 2ndHalf Term

(6 weeks)

Summer 1stHalf Term

(6 weeks)

Summer 2ndHalf Term

(7 weeks)





Traction Man

Night Time

Peace at last





Traditional Tales

Into the Forest

All at Sea – Pirates

Snail and the Whale

Lighthouse Keepers Lunch


Meerkat Mail


Literacy Narrative



Fact File


Fact File

Non-chronological Report


Recount (science)

Persuasive Writing



Fact file



Numeracy Number



Using and applying – problem solving




Geometry – shape, space, position and direction

Using and applying – problem solving




Geometry – shape, space, position and direction

Using and applying – problem solving




Geometry – shape, space, position and direction

Using and applying – problem\ solving




Statistics/ Data handling

Geometry – shape, space, position and direction

Using and applying – problem solving




Statistics/ Data handling

Geometry – shape, space, position and direction

Using and applying – problem solving

Science Ourselves Habitats


Grouping and changing materials Plants and animals. Living Things
ICT Create Media Access resources Type Sort and create data Stay safe and find information
E-safety, Word processing, using ICT devices
History Changes to the home Personal timeline Significant British event Significant British person (explorer) Changes to our lives
Geography UK / Places of interest Contrasting locations Our local area
Art Portraits

new and old

Craft makers European artists Designers
DT Levers Sewing Animal feeder Healthy snack
PE Throwing and catching Gym / Dance

Invasion games – hockey


Invasion games

Racket games – tennis Athletics
Music Singing / voice Simple rhythms and beats   Recording and composing  
Composing, evaluate and perform
PSHE and


Rules Talking and sharing my feelings Getting on Staying safe Being responsible New experiences

Residential visits





River visit

Tolleshunt D’Arcy St. Nicholas C of E (VA) Primary School

Curriculum Overview –       Class: 3                      Year: 3/4

Year Group Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
English Asterix – Narrative, Comic

Myths and Legends

Talk for  Writing – Escape from Pompeii Information Texts: Battle of Maldon

Chronological Reports and recounts

Poetry – Based around   Maldon: language play Dialogue and Plays

Character Descriptions

Setting Descriptions

Author Study –     C. S. Lewis; Narnia
Maths MATHS: Visual, mental, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions
Science Magnets, Springs and Forces – Trebuchet Rocks, Soils and Fossils Muscles and Skeletons Light and Shadow Helping Plants grow well
ICT Explain to a Roman how to set up and use a computer: Word E-mailing Researching and retrieving: Power-point Programming – Programmable Robots Stop motion & presentation: Growing radishes E-safety – Staying Safe
RE Special Places: Worshipping and celebrating in the home: Hinduism Jesus’ Baptism and the beginning of his ministry Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh and the Khalsa Parables Muhammed and the Qur’an – Islam
History Romans Local history/ Invaders

The Battle of Maldon

Iron Age Britain
Geography UK – Roman Invasion Earthquakes and Volcanoes Knowledge of the UK – Towns, Cities and how they got their names Biodiversity – How do plants adapt to the conditions they grown in?
Art Ancient Sculpture European Artist – Da Vinci British Designer – garden design: Capability Brown and Humphrey Repton
DT Sewing Materials – Designing Banners Kites Pneumatics – Designing and making a growing plant model
Music Roman Music – Percussion Singing songs in unison and two parts: Just Like a Roman song. Learning phrases on tuned instruments Listening to live music: Evaluating and commenting on performances Learning an instrument and improvising melodies.
PSHCE Daily Routines to keep the body healthy Recognising the differences between being safe and unsafe Understand how networks grow and change with time. Understand what causes illness (bacteria/ viruses) & how they are spread. Recognising physical and emotional change and how to manage them. How human developments affect the environment
Christian Value Responsibility Friendly Persevering Truthful Courageous Creative
PE Games: Badminton Dance: Fitting in with Just Like a Roman Longships – Gymnastics: Patterns of Movement Games: Hockey Athletics Games: Basketball
Key dates (visits/visitors) Adam Dyson Mersea – Boat Trip: St. Peter’s on the Wall Viking Living History – Visitors Maldon – Promenade Park (reconstruction)

Spring Production

Visitor – Writtle College?

Swimming TBC

Hylands Formal Gardens

Class 4

Year 5/6


1st Half Term 2nd Half Term 1st Half Term 2nd Half Term 1st Half Term 2nd Half Term


Walt Disney

 (7 Weeks)

Blue Planet

 (7 Weeks)


 (6 Weeks)

Harry Potter

 (6 Weeks)

Brutal Britain

(6 Weeks)

Theme Park World

(7 Weeks)

Connecting Our Lives with others

-Biography about Walt Disney

-Diaries-Seven dwarfs snow white coming to cottage.

-Multimedia presentationsabout Walt Disney including hyperlinks, manipulating graphics and adding sounds.

-Using the internet to research information

-Reviews abut different films (summary of a text and synopsis of films)

-Poetry – The power of imagery(Remembrance Day

Poetry – Finding a voice (reading and creating poetry ideas for improving our world)

Persuasion – Persuasive Text (focusing on an environmental issue)

-Argument(exploring a conservational issue linked to a new world).

-Report writing

Personal piece(evacuee) Lettersevacuees

Non-chronological reports based on the Blitz

-Recountswith war theme

-Journalistic Writing

(Specific event such as Pearl Harbour –  a world event)

-Using the internet to research information (WW2) and create databases.

Spreadsheets (WW2 data)

-ICT Based revision activities (Independent learning)




Narrative-Including the use of flashbacks

-Re-telling a situation from a different viewpoints

-Persuasion- Why read harry potter

-Descriptive writing-Inside Hogwarts

-Instructional Texts- Recipes for potions

-Non-chronological reports- Victorian work houses

Poetry look at Henry VIII

ICT based revision activities



-Persuasion (theme park)

– Persuasive leaflets – Play Leaders

-Play scripts

-Report writing


Multimedia Presentations(Promoting theme park – assessment piece)

Solving Life’s Problems



-Shape and space


-How we see things-explore light and shadow (puppet theatre with Disney characters)

-Circuits-Exploring voltage and electrical resistance (using and representing symbols) Create a burglar alarm to stop intruders (seven dwarfs to protect snow white)



-Shape and space


– plant and animal classification

– nutrient andwater transportation systems

– Micro-organisms (e.g. penicillin / why decay matters)

Use 6-figure grid references.

-Imagine new technologies to improve the world.

Spreadsheets – Zoo Tycoon project, formulae + statistics etc.



-Shape and space


-Physical processes-levers,gears and pulleys to increase force (looking at tanks,bridges and other mechanics)



-Shape and space


-Construct a different mode of transport to get to hogwarts

-Science Revision/Booster Groups

-Materials and their Properties– non-reversible changes and separating mixtures of materials-CodingApply knowledge of computer programs to monitor or control a product. (trinket) To debug programmes




-Shape and space


-SAT’s revision programmelooking at gaps in children’s learning.

– Human circulatory system

– Functions of heart, blood vessels

– Impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle.

Using and Applying Mathematics:

-Problem solving, communicating, reasoninglinked to theme park


-Theme park simulation(program a variety of devices to perform a function)

-Electrical control. Design and construct a theme park/fairground ride which incorporates a pulley and a drive belt. Use a motor in a circuit to control the direction of the rotation.Explain why mechanisms work.

Understanding Our lives

-Contrasting world locality (Town in America and Tolleshunt D’arcy) Identify human features, identify land use.

-Use and interpret maps and plans.

-Me and My healthy lifestyle

Remembrance Day (inc. theme day)

Design and create new settlements, climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts. Explore economic activity and trade links. How people affect the environment. Being aware of how places relate to each other.

– Central beliefs in different religions and humanism

-Me and My Relationships

Year 6 Communion:29th Nov

-Rules and Law Moral issues and respect for people’s different values

-Features of different religious buildings

-Me and My Feelings

-World Historical period

-Making a healthy meal(wartime stew)


-compare worship in the home

-Me and Growing and Changing Risk of growing up ‘too soon’


-Me and Keeping Safe

-Compare and contrast different world religious festivals

– Spread sheetslinked to theme park maths project.

– Humanism

-Me and Making a Positive Contribution(Enterprise)

Leading a Fulfilling Life

-Explore animations-Create models to be used to produce their own animated video

-Gym and invasion games

-Observational Art

-Relief printing

-Remembrance Day inspired Art and Poetry (CCL Literacy)

-Gymnasticsunit 1(finish unit)

Rugby(Invasion Games)


Printing – Painting – Illustrations (Famous international illustrator)



-Didier Trigilia (Can Art) to make dementers -Compose and perform in the style of a Tudor court musician

-Evaluate compositions from different historical eras

-Read and play notes E,G,B and F on a tuned instrument

-Painting (Van Gogh)

-Cricket(Striking and Fielding)

-Dance (linked to play)

-Performance Singing sing or play for memory with confidence.


-Y6 Leavers:

Assembly and Leavers Party

-Summer Concert:

-Sports Day and Family Picnic:

Christian Value Responsibility Friendly Persevering Truthful Courageous Creative