Half Term Time Capsule Project

Hi Everybody, I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to half term. As one of your half term activities, we would like you to make and send in something that represents a really nice memory you have of your time at home during this lockdown. You can choose to do this in any… Read more »

Friday’s learning

Dictionary hunt – habitat, diet, interact, feature, beast, vertebrate, invertebrate, transform. Literacy: using the key words above, try to put them into a sentence about a minibeast! For example; A furry caterpillar transforms into a colourful, beautiful butterfly. Science: Mini beasts: There are lots of mini beasts in the story so use this to look at… Read more »

Singing Assembly

The format seems to have changed so that songs are no longer grouped by week. If you click on ‘Sing in every subject’ and scroll down, you will find ‘Music Italiano’ (featured in week 4). This song is a lot of fun as you can use your voice in different ways to follow the Italian… Read more »

Thursday’s learning

Well done so far for some great learning – I am really enjoying all of the photos coming in! Literacy: Book review – after listening/reading through the story of James and the giant peach, create a book review on it. Think about who wrote it and illustrated it, your favourite part, favourite character and why, what… Read more »

Up on the shore we learn all day…

Morning all! Hope everyone has had a great week so far? I know I have – enjoying this beautiful sunshine! Here’s some of the amazing learning that’s been going on this week – loving the bright smiles off everyone.

Wednesday’s learning.

Happy mid week everyone! Secret Agents: think of some key words for this story and create a code for them (we have done this before using numbers instead of letters). For example a key word could be ‘peach’, I would write this as 16, 5, 1, 3, 8. Some other key words you code use… Read more »

Learning is an open door…

Our mental synchronizationCan have but one explanation YouAnd IWere just meant to learn… (not quite the lyrics but I’m feeling the Disney at the moment!) Some fantastic learning already coming in! Keep looking throughout the day for updated photos.

Tuesday’s learning.

Loving the learning that has already come in! I hope you are enjoying the new book as much as I am (and did when I was younger) I feel that this week, we will have lots of science thrown in and why not! I love science and it links in great with this book (little… Read more »