Continuing to improve our library – Can you help?

I’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone who has donated a range of different texts to our library. The comics especially have been a big hit so far! I am currently looking at the next stages in improving our library space. Not only is it one of the first areas visible within… Read more »

BSL, BSL and more BSL

Today in class 2, we learnt more BSL (British Sign Language) as a part of our accepting differences topic. The children have been loving this and have picked it up super fast.

Beauty and the Beats

Recently In class 2, we had a music lesson in which we learnt about rhythm and beats. We sang some songs and identified where the rhythm and beats are. We then used tambourines to amplify them.

Guided Reading

Recently, class 2 have really been loving our guided reading sessions, which we do every day. For one of our sessions, we got into pairs and read to each other. We really loved showing our reading skills and sharing our books with our friends.

Library Stock Appeal

I’m writing to ask if anyone is willing to donate any of the following to our school library: Children’s magazines Instruction books Cookery books Travel brochures Menus Comics Graphic novels Children’s newspapers Manuals Play-scripts Catalogues I am trying to expand the breadth of text types our children are reading and want to make a wider… Read more »

Marvellous creations

In class 2, we have had some fantastic pieces of homework come in. Keep up the amazing work!

Artist study

In class 2, we recently created these fantastic pastel artist studies of the artist Sara Catena. They did a brilliant job getting the correct line work in place and then using contrasting colours.

Creative homework

Just look at our lovely display of creative homework so far this term! We are running out of space on our homework wall but don’t worry… We’ve moved onto our window space too!  Please feel free to ask questions or talk to me or Mr Fox about any concerns. After school is always the best… Read more »

Strategies to improve handwriting.

Strategies to improve handwriting:There are many enjoyable activities which help young children to develop the strength and dexterity in their fingers which are necessary for holding and controlling a pencil or pen. Fine motor activities: these involve controlling and manipulating their hands and fingers which will help strengthen. Activity ideas could include: modelling with play dough… Read more »


On Friday, Class 2 were set quite a tricky task of constructing and designing buildings from select materials. Mr Fox and Miss Jenkins were so proud of the amount of effort and enthusiasm ALL the children in class 2 put towards their creations.