The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

Today we thought about the parable the Wise Man and the Foolish Man with our visitors from church. We thought about how we can build ourselves up to be confident and help others. We thought about the power of words and how we can help others with kind words.

Cancellation -Art Club

Dear all,  Just a reminder that art club will not be on this Wednesday (19/06/19) or the next Wednesday (26/06/19) due to staff meetings. Apologies for any inconvenience  caused. Many thanks, Mr Fox


Today we used the computers to add colour to an outline. We used the paint bucket tool to add colour to a car design template. We then turned these designs into Fathers Day cards. The instructions for completing the car can be found here.

Mildene Music Workshop on the 21st June

Hopefully you will have received the following as a parentmail form. If not please speak to the school office. Along with many of the local primary schools, we have been invited to a music workshop at Mildene Primary School, in Tiptree, next Friday. I know from attending this trip in the past how much the… Read more »


We have practised a variety of different writing skills this week, all centred around biographies and profiles. Next week, I will be asking the children to complete a mini biography about themselves. It would be great to have any photos you have of the children when they were younger, or for any significant events in… Read more »

Fathers Day Tea

Thank you to Mrs Longhurst and Mrs Chambers for all their hard work organising another successful afternoon. Thank you to all the Dads, Grandads and Uncles for joining us. A wonderful community event!

Clay Faces

This week we sculpted clay faces. We used masks from different cultures around the world for inspiration. We looked at how emotion was shown through the different shapes we could see. We practised forming different shapes using tools and attaching shapes using a clay glue. Here are some of our finished faces.

Counting on and back

Some of us were practising counting on and back today. We have found that when we are subtracting that we are skipping numbers or counting two numbers as one. We used wool with cubes strung on them to help us spot when we made these mistakes.

Writing and Reading

Today we completed an independent piece of story writing. We used the story format from last half term (based on The Lighthosue Keepers Breakfast) but changed it to include our own ideas. These included travelling to the future or to another planet. In the afternoon we shared these stories with Class 1, where we were… Read more »

Piano recitals

Thank you to Mrs Baulch for coming into Collective Worship on Thursday and teaching us about music and the piano. Well done to our pianists for sharing their pieces with the children today. We are so proud of the progress that you are making.