Jungle Boogie 19.01

Hello Class 2! I hope yesterday’s learning went well. There was a lot of learning on there but i just wanted to make sure there was a wide variety. REMEMBER – we do not expect every single piece of learning to be completed, especially not in one day! Pick and choose with the options, life… Read more »

Jungle Boogie! 18.01

I hope everyone had a very nice weekend? Relaxed and ready for a new week of learning. Please note we do not expect you to do all of the learning. Home learning is tough and lots of children are finding this change hard. Pace the learning, some days you might whizz through it all, other… Read more »

Headteacher’s challenge

This week’s challenge is to learn a new skill. Many of you have continued with clubs and music lessons via online calls. Here in school we have had zoom lessons with teachers and piano lessons via zoom too. At home, I have been learning to dance the Foxtrot, Cha Cha and, Jive via Teams! Please share… Read more »

Premier activities Week 3.

As promised here is our 3rd week of our Virtual Learning timetable of sessions for everyone to do at home starting Monday 18th January 2021. We hope this helps and the children enjoy the sessions! Have a great, active week!

Learning from this week.

Well done for some amazing home learning everyone! The standard is being kept very high which I am very pleased about (just keep that handwriting neat and on the lines). Super star learning below…

Jungle Boogie! 15.01

Happy Friday all! I have loved the photos coming in to see how busy you all are at home. Keep up the great learning! P.E – please find a wild workout below! It links in nicely to our current topic and who doesn’t love Andy? (Parent’s you do not have to answer that…). Daily maths:… Read more »

Jungle Boogie 14.01

Good afternoon all. I hope the learning is going well and everyone is having a good week. Phonics: Focusing on the V sound in Phase 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8qklEXh7Dc Daily Maths: Please download the document below. English: Using the words we rhymed with on Tuesday. Please write a short poem about a jungle animal. Please feel free… Read more »

Jungle Boogie! 13.01

Good afternoon all. I hope you enjoyed the Zoom call today for those who could join us. Hopefully, we can do this again soon – I may aim Zoom’s at groups (Year 1 or 2) to try and make learning a little more targeted. I will let you know via parent-mail or email about this…. Read more »

Phonics games

Evening everyone. I hope you’ve had a good day of learning. Just to make learning a little easier, especially Phonics, here is a free resource you could use. We use Phonics Play all the time in class, so the children should be familiar with a few of the games already. Definitely take advantage of this… Read more »

Jungle Boogie! 12.01

Good afternoon all. I hope your first day of learning went well. Art/Maths – using objects around your house, ICT (word/art/app etc), drawing/cutting out printed shapes, make a jungle animal using 2D and 3D shapes. Year 1: I expect there to be some use of 3D shapes and all 2D shapes must be labelled. Year… Read more »