How to measure a dragon – Capacity

This morning we used the measuring cylinders. To start with we weren’t sure how to measure the capacity of different containers, but we soon got the hang of it. Finally we tried to think about how we might find the capacity of a dragons lungs!

Science week

This week we are investigating the world of Science. On Monday, we enjoyed some scientific experiments in assembly. Each class were set a number of key questions to investigate. Thank you Mrs Richards for your hard work leading this project and supporting staff and children too!

How to measure a giant dragon – Science Week

This week is science week. Our challenge is to measure a dragon. Today we put ourselves back in fantasy times, so we didn’t have any rulers or masses. This meant that to measure our dragon we would have to be creative! We chose a range of objects (they had to be the same) and we… Read more »


Today in PE we started tennis. We learnt how to hold the racket, balance a ball and start to bounce a ball on our rackets. We finished with a quick game where we had to hit the ball over the net.

Onomatopoeia (words that make sounds)

Today we looked at onomatopoeia. We thought about words we knew that make sounds (like splash, sizzle, fizz, crack). We watched a clip from a film without the sound and added the onomatopoeia words when we thought they we needed. Here is some of the work we produced afterwards.

Busy Afternoon

On Tuesday we got lots done! Our pointillism dragon

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

Today Isobel came to talk to us in assembly about the history and importance of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday to the Christian community.

Parents Conferences

Just a reminder that our parents conferences start at 15:30 on Wednesday and Thursday. I still have some available slots on Thursday for anyone who has not booked yet. Bookings can be made through the office or through ParentMail. Thanks, Mr Salmon

Medieval Dance

Because lots of our fantasy stories are set in medieval times, today we started learning some medieval dances. After learning some simple steps, we started with some circle dances before moving in to a line dance. We found the steps easy to do, but much harder to do them all in time with the beat!

Maths – Missing Numbers

This week we have looked at missing numbers. We have used balance scales to picture how to solve them. When there has been an unknown number we have added more to the highest side until the sides balanced again. This can work for adding and taking away. This weeks year 2 homework continues this idea with missing numbers. The second problem looks like this: This puzzle is another way of looking at missing numbers. To solve it start with the row or column that is all one type of fruit.  The 4 apples add up to 80. This is like ? + ? + ? + ? = 80. We can try numbers until we get to 80, but they must be the same number for each ?. 10 +… Read more »