You’ve got the key… The key to learning!

Well, well, well… You have been a busy lot! I can’t believe the amount of effort that has gone in this week with your learning and what you’ve all managed to produce. Very proud teachers!

Singing Assembly

This week, please try ‘Put On A Smile’ which can be found in the ‘In It Together’ section. The accompanying activities sound like a lot of fun and are sure to put a smile on your face! As always, have fun and try as many different songs as you wish.

Class 2 week of learning.

Going to try something new this week! All of the weeks learning will be found on one page – easier to find and that way you can choose an activity that you’d like to do and prepare for them if needs be. My maths has been updated too and Year 2’s will begin to trial… Read more »

What an amazing week of learning!

Wow! You have had such an amazing week of learning and it looks like you have done a lot – above and beyond! Have a great weekend and please be safe when enjoying the sun. We’ll done everyone 🙂

Friday’s learning.

We’ve made it to the end of the week in this heat! Hope you’ve all been very careful in the sun… Last few bits on the Romans! Let’s find out about their houses. This link will tell you all about different types of Roman houses. May be a lot to read so just pick 1… Read more »

Singing Assembly

This week, have a look at ‘If I were a Mini-beast’ which can be found in the ‘Sing in Every Subject’ section. There are some nice activities to accompany this – some of which can be done outside. As always, have fun and try as many different songs as you wish. Miss Scotchford

Thursday’s learning.

We have done lots on Romans this week! We have been having lovely learning coming in and you have made lots of effort. We have learnt about the Roman soldiers and what they wore and why they fought. Now, lets look into other Roman lives (we’ll look into houses, school and the people tomorrow). Did… Read more »

Wednesday’s learning.

You’ve learn a bit about the Romans and their buildings, now let’s find out about the Roman soldiers! Facts: Find 5 facts about the Roman Army/Soldiers. Why did the Romans have such a Huge army? What was it for? Think of the work ‘invasion’… Roman soldiers had amazing uniforms. Below, see if you can work… Read more »

Tuesday’s learning

Lovely Roman learning coming in – lots of Roman numerals being completed too! Very happy teacher! Tuesday’s learning, we are sticking with the Romans and we are looking at their buildings and the roads/routes! Research: Research a famous Roman building. You have lots to choose from; Parthenon, Colosseum, St Peters Basilica, Arch of Constantine, Baths… Read more »

Lots of lovely learning happening…

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I’ve had lots of emails through where you’ve been sharing your amazing learning! Keep up the hard work everyone.