Counting on and back

Some of us were practising counting on and back today. We have found that when we are subtracting that we are skipping numbers or counting two numbers as one. We used wool with cubes strung on them to help us spot when we made these mistakes.

Writing and Reading

Today we completed an independent piece of story writing. We used the story format from last half term (based on The Lighthosue Keepers Breakfast) but changed it to include our own ideas. These included travelling to the future or to another planet. In the afternoon we shared these stories with Class 1, where we were… Read more »

Piano recitals

Thank you to Mrs Baulch for coming into Collective Worship on Thursday and teaching us about music and the piano. Well done to our pianists for sharing their pieces with the children today. We are so proud of the progress that you are making.

Kwik Cricket

On Thursday afternoon we used the sunshine to learn a new bat game, cricket. We quickly got the hang of using the bat and striking the ball. Then we played French cricket (a game played with the batter in the centre of a circle with the fielders around them trying to throw the ball at… Read more »

Subtraction Methods

On Wednesday we looked at new methods to subtract. We used the Cuisenaire rods instead of Numicon to help us make the numbers. This method is good because it is easier to solve problems with bigger numbers and it helps us with our expanded written methods, something that some of us moved on to. Expanded… Read more »


This half term we are focussing on our Christian Value – Creative. In Collective Worship today, we listened to stories from the New Testament to help us to think about our talents. Thank you to the church team for their continued support.

Ish pictures

We started our new topic by looking at the artist Matisse. We studied how his painting changed over time until they only started to look a bit ish. We drew our own pictures. We started by trying to copy exactly what we could see. Then we turned them into abstract pictures by making them look… Read more »

Summer Homework

Next term our topic is going to be ‘All about me’. We will be looking at our own history as well as that of the local area. Below are some activities to get ready for our new topic. Try and have a go at at least two of these over the holdiays. Writing We will be using the story Ish by Perter Reynolds. This is a fantastic short… Read more »

Benthos – The study of creatures that live at the bottom of the sea

This morning we continued our science by looking at animals from the Blackwater River. We used branching databases to work out what family the animals belonged to and what they were. We studied them closely and learnt about what they ate. Thank you to Mrs Richards from bringing them in for us.

Art club 

Recently in art club, we have been looking at cave paintings and the different sales and techniques they are done in. Yesterday, we actually created our own cave paintings using materials cavemen would have actually used.