We continued our sequence work today. We used the 100 squares to help us spot the patterns, which we found easier than yesterday’s  multilink. Can you see the pattern? What do you think the next number will be?


To start our multiplication work we have been looking at sequences. We used the multi link cubes to make patterns. Then we wrote numbers under our sequences to see if we could predict what the next number would be.

Spellings and Accelerated Reader

We have had some trouble accessing Accelerated Reader this week so we haven’t been able to do any quizzes. Hopefully we will be able to resolve this next week. Spellings from this week are: Mr Salmon’s Group Split digraphs a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e, e_e   late plate cake bake flame bike like time side nice prize… Read more »

End of our anti-bullying week

As part of our anti-bullying week we have been learning the lyrics to ‘This is Me’ from the Greatest Showman. Throughout the week we have been thinking about celebrating difference and supporting each other. Here is a quick video of us singing.

Being Different

Yesterday we celebrated being different to each other. We talked about how none of us are all identical, and how being different is great.   We read the poem We Like Different Things by Roger Hurn before discussing whether each verse was about a boy or a girl. We started of thinking it must be… Read more »

Anti-Bullying Week

Today for anti-bullying week we were thinking about positive words. We used the app PhotoBooth on the iPads to make strange and unusual pictures, that we then tried to say positive things about.   Even though we found the pictures very strange we still came up with positive things to say. We then did this… Read more »

Just a reminder

Hello all,  Just to remind you that it is pyjamas day tomorrow for the Rota kids. Please feel free to come to school in your pyjamas with any donations you can manage. We suggest a pound donation as it is being donated to  Great Ormond Street Hospital, also any good-condition toy donations for St Helenas… Read more »

Twilight Evening Adventures

Just a few pictures of our Twilight activities last night. A huge thank you for all those who helped and supported the evening.


Today we have been playing with different punctuation. Some of us were using Kung fu to remember where our full stops and capitals go. The rest of us were practising using speech marks in sentences. We will be using these skills in our story writing next week.

Remembrance service

Today we held a Remembrance Service in school and held a period of silence. We reflected on the importance of learning from the past whilst thinking about how we can be peacemakers.