Pasta fun!

Today we have been thinking about looking after our amazing world and saying thank you for all our food. We used pasta from Italy to create farm and food pictures in preparation for harvest!


Hello parents of class 2, For Tuesday 1st of October, I will be doing a lesson to conclude our PSHE topic of Growth. In which, we will be discussing how much everyone in class 2 have grown since being babies. I would love for each child to bring in a photo of themselves, that they… Read more »

The Story of Creation

Today in class 2, we had an RE lesson in which we learnt about the Creation Story in Christian beliefs. The children made fantastic pictures retelling the story in their own ways.

Italy vs UK

Recently in class 2, we have been learning about Italy however, today we focused on the similarities and differences between Italy and the United Kingdom.


Today in class 2, we did a PE lesson in which we played a game called Tin of Beans. This involved the children listening to which bean I would call out and complete an action in relation to it. For example: string bean would be the children stretching up as high as they can. Afterwards,… Read more »

Team building afternoon

Yesterday afternoon, class 2 worked together in many different team building activities including creating a tunnel and helping every member of our class through the tunnel.

Cup cakes

Today we made cup cakes with Mrs Brown-Lee. We had fun weighing, stirring and measuring the ingredients.

The Creation

In Collective Worship this week we are learning about the story of The Creation (Genesis 1-2). We have been reflecting upon our amazing world and how we can look after it. A huge well done to Elsa, Adam and Hattie who worked together to plan and deliver a presentation all about plastic and what we… Read more »


Today we have been learning all about owls following our visit on Monday. We have read owl stores, written owl facts and created owl pictures using pastels or water colours. What a fun day!

Fencing and Archery

Thank you to James and Taylor from Premier Sports for joining us at lunchtime today to teach us some Fencing and Archery skills. The children had a wonderful time. Our fencing club starts this week on Wednesday after school. Please see the circulated leaflet for more details regarding booking your child a place!