Outside adventures!

This week, we had lots of free-flow playtime in which we built our social and tea working skills with class 2.

Disco fever

Today we had our end of year disco. We had so much fun and it was such an amazing way to end the year with a bang!​ ​

Thank-you and Farewell

A big thank you for all your gifts and kind words over the last couple of weeks. It has been great to be a part of Class 2, and the school’s, journey over the last couple of years. My classes have been amazing with children talented in so many different areas, and being part of… Read more »

End of year poems

Before our afternoon disco we wrote end of year poems on the theme of the class. We used adjectives and verbs that we thought described us to come up with our poems. Here they are. Class 2 Noisy shouting,Friendly jumping,Lovely playing,Mischevious discovering,Best writing,Messy cutting,Crazy laughing. Class 2 Honest talking,Kind acting,Crazy dancing,Sensible playing,Awesome working,Noisy shouting,Cheeky learning,Nice… Read more »

Leavers service

Well done to the year 6 pupils for a lovely service to celebrate all your achievements. It was great to hear all your memories. Good luck in all that you do and best wishes for the future.

Lost Property

I have a selection of un-named lost property in the classroom. If you are missing any uniform do come and have a look, otherwise it will be passed onto the next year as spare clothing. Many Thanks, Mr Salmon

Space Cooking

On Monday we cooked asteroid cakes (rocky road).  We measured up the ingredients and mixed them together. Then we put them into the fridge to set. In the afternoon we played party games and ate our asteroid cake.

We are not feeling blue!

Today in school, we have dressed up in our best purple clothes in order to show our support for Cancer Research UK. Thank you for all the donations!

Sharing is caring!

Today class one and class two combined forces in which, class two read their fantastic work to members of class one. It was fantastic!

Growing and changing

Today we thought about growing and changing in Collective Worship. We celebrated our achievements and shared ways to overcome challenges. We prayed together to thank God for our talents. We reflected on the story from the Bible where Jesus said “Let the Children come to me” (Matthew 19:14) and how this links to our daily… Read more »