Zones of Regulation

Good morning all, As a whole school approach, we will be introducing the Zones of Regulation to the children today. The Zones of Regulation is about self regulation. It is a tool that helps children identify, address and use strategies to achieve self control and emotional regulation in a safe and non judgemental way. The… Read more »

D’Arcy House Games

Thank you to all the children for taking part and being brilliant competitors. It has been a FANTASTIC week! Congratulations Salter for being this years champion! Enjoy the celebrations. Miss Barber.

Class 4 Weekly Homework

As you can see, there is a different numeracy task for each year group but don’t let that stop any keen mathematicians from doing both 🙂

D’arcy House Games

Important dates: Wednesday 28th April 2021- Spelling Bee (Class 3) Friday 30th April 2021 – Hockey Tournament (selected teams) Tuesday 4th May 2021 – Chess Tournament and Art Festival hand-in Wednesday 5th May 2021 – Bake Off hand-in and The BIG Quiz Friday 6th May 2021 – Spelling Bee (Class 4) and Hockey playoffs/finals You… Read more »

Welcome back Class 4!

I hope that everybody has had a fun holiday and are ready to go. Please remember a few things – Continue to observe social distancing, wash your hands regularly, catch your sneezes in a tissue or the crook of your arm. P.E. kits should be in every day and have your name in each item…. Read more »

Easter has arrived!

We’ve finally broken up after a great week of learning, there are a sample of pictures here for you to see. Although I havn’t set homework there are Easter themed activites on today’s Google Classroom page. Have a lovely Easter. Mr Hopegood

Class 4’s Creative Homework and Quiddich.

Class 4 has been looking the results of their Creative Homework and trying some of it out! Today we finished reading and discussing the first Harry Potter novel and had our 5th Quiddich P.E.lesson, if only we could fly! Mr Hopegood

Exploring Autism together – The Rainbow course.

Good afternoon all. Please find attached some information about a parent/carer course available. The Rainbow course has been developed for parents / carers who have children or young people recently diagnosed with autism, are on the diagnosis journey, and for those who wish to explore more about autism. This course has a fee of £95…. Read more »