Phases of the Moon

Today in class, we looked at the different phases of the Moon. We spoke about how the Moon orbits the Earth and that the Moon has a day and a night side. Also, we spoke about how the Sun illuminates the Moon. Then, we had a go at creating our own Moon wheels.


Below, are the spellings for this week: forty frequently government guarantee harass Below, are also some of the spellings that will be looking at in class this week vegetablevehiclebruisesoldierstomachrecommend

Sharing our stories

Today in class 4, we had great fun sharing our stories that we have been writing. We spoke about how to engage the reader when telling a story. Then, we gave each other some feedback on our storytelling. We discussed what was effective and then the areas we needed to improve at.


A huge thank you to all of the parents and carers who supported our school’s book fair by purchasing books at school or online. Through the sales that were made, a record breaking amount of £268.98 has been earned to purchase new books for the children to enjoy at school. Reading plays a huge role… Read more »


In recent weeks, we have been very busy in English. We have been learning all about relative pronouns and how to write an effective explanation text. This week we have started to write our own defeating the monster stories. We have been thinking about the use of different sentence types and the use of figurative… Read more »


This afternoon , we have been learning all about the Earth’s rotation and movement. The Earth is titled on it’s axis and this is what causes the seasons. We drew diagrams to explain night and day and then we had a go at creating our own mini Earths using clay. Then, we had a go… Read more »


Below, are the spellings for next week: excellent existence explanation familiar foreign The following spellings are from the spelling rule that we will be looking at in class: equipment environment government parliament

Class 4 Computing

This afternoon, we have been busy learning to code. The coding programme presented us with many different instructions, problems and solutions. It was challenging in parts but also very fun!


Below are the spellings for next week. I’ve also included a few of the modal verbs which is the spelling rule/pattern we will be looking at in class. embarrass environment equipped especially exaggerate Modal verbs: should , could, shall, ought.

Class 4 Science

This week, we have been learning about the different views of the solar system from the past. We spoke about the geocentric and heliocentric views and then created a leaflet on this.