Sing along!

The children are enjoying learning this song and some signs too!

Sporty Friday

Class 4 had a wonderful afternoon playing rounders and taking part in running races!

May the Fourth (Be With You)!

For May The Fourth Class 4’s learning has been Star Wars based with maths challenges, literacy, music, art and a few Imperial Stormtroopers! Mr Hopegood 🙂

Class 4 Recall and Recap.

As part of their preparation for next week’s SATs reading the Year 6 pupils have been discussing scenes from The Outlaw Varjak Paw, talking about characters, location, plot development and how they can use this information to predict what might happen.

Daniel and the Lion’s Den

Today, Reverend Tracey led our whole school worship on the theme of being courageous. After listening to the Old Testament Story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den, we talked about different ways that we are courageous in our daily lives.

Class 4’s Taste of Spain.

While looking at the geography of Spain in class today we cooked a vegan paella from scratch. Nearly all the children came back for a second helping and if you want to try it at home it’s on the Tesco ( other supermarkets are available ) website under vegetarian paella.