Class 4’s week.

It’s been an exciting week of learning with lots of practical tasks mixed in. We designed and built a variety of bridges, made games and finished and filmed our shoe box theatres!

Class 4 Assembly

Class 4 will be holding a Google Classroom assembly on Friday at 2pm, a link will publish in the Google Classroom task pane for that day. I hope that gives enough notice for a few more of you to join in and show your smiling faces. See you then! Mr Hopegood

Class 4 weekly homework.

In case any of you are either having trouble logging into Google Classroom or have yet to try please see our weekly homework below. I look forward to seeing your work. Mr Hopegood

Building bridges.

Today we have been designing and building bridges, I have put some of our fantastic work on here and would love to see what you have managed at home. Mr Hopegood

Class 4 Burns Night Activities

It’s the last week of January already and Monday is Burns Night. In class today we will be looking at Rabbie Burns’ life and work with a number of activities and I have included them here, lots of the tasks are suitable for a wide age range and I hope that siblings might want to… Read more »

Cheese straws recipe.

On Friday we made some rather nice cheese straws and some of Class 4 asked if the recipe could be posted on the blog. Here it is, a little bit late, some pupils remarked that they could have been cheesier but I found that the taste was stronger when they were cold. Not, of course,… Read more »

Head teacher’s challenge

Last week, I asked you to send in pictures of  challenges that you are persevering with. This week, I would like to continue with this theme. Please think about a Biblical story whereby God has asked someone to persevere with something e.g. Noah had to build an Ark and Jonah was asked to deliver a message…. Read more »

Class 4’s week

Class 4 has had an exciting week of learning with kites and baking included!

Class 4’s Week

Good morning, From today all of Class 4’s work is set on Google Classroom where everyone can get feedback from me about their wonderful work. If you are having any difficulties in accessing Google Classroom please contact the school office so that we can help. When the school is open all pupils spend at least… Read more »

Headteacher’s challenge

This week’s challenge is to learn a new skill. Many of you have continued with clubs and music lessons via online calls. Here in school we have had zoom lessons with teachers and piano lessons via zoom too. At home, I have been learning to dance the Foxtrot, Cha Cha and, Jive via Teams! Please share… Read more »