Today we continued on our journey through Lent by reflecting on being Friendly and Truthful. We found examples from the Bible of Jesus being friendly to others as well as stories he told. We thought about what a good friend is and what we can say or do to be friendly towards others.


Today we continued our theme of being truthful in Collective Worship. We thought about times when it is difficult to tell the truth and why. We then went on to talk about people we can trust to talk to at home, in school and via helplines.

10 Commandments

Today we turned our attention to our Christian Value: Truthful. We learnt about Moses and the 10 Commandments from the book of Exodus. I was very impressed with the children’s understanding of being Truthful and different versions of the truth from different peoples perspective!

Prodigal Son

This week Churches are marking 40 days since Christmas and Jesus being presented in the temple with their Candlemas services. In school, we have been thinking about our own Christening and how we can be a light of the world like Jesus. The parable of The Prodigal Son, helped us to think about how we… Read more »

Sing and praise

We have been learning a number of ‘feel good’ songs in our sing and praise assembly this half term. The songs help us to reflect positively on our lives. Here’s a sample of the songs for you to share at home.

Bible Stories

We have learnt many Bible stories in Collective Worship. We investigated the Old and New Testament and thought about the messages the stories teach us!

Young Leaders

I am pleased to confirm that they following children are representing their class on the Holy Council and School Council this year: Class 1  Ben and Isla-Rose Nevaeh and Dexter Class 2  Dexter and Tillie Elliott and Penelope Class 3 Phoebe and Ralf Albie and Molly Class 4  Charlotte and Olivia Donny and Ewan Hattie,… Read more »


This week we continued learning about perseverance through the story of Jonah. We thought about how God and Jonah persevered in the story. The children then reflected on a time when they have been asked to do something that they didn’t really want to do (like tidy their bedroom!) and the actions they took. Thank… Read more »

Noah’s Ark – Genesis 7:1

Thank you Reverend Sarah-Clare for leading our worship this morning. We really enjoyed acting out the story of Noah’s Ark and learning about the Bible.

Bible Numbers

Today we started our mathematics themed week by exploring numbers in The Bible. The children talked about different numbers that they can remember from stories and learnt that there are 66 books in The Bible. They were able to identify the Old and New Testament and talk about each book being divided into chapters and… Read more »