School Uniform: Dressing to achieve

The school and Governors expect school uniform to be worn as it creates a sense of community and pride.

Uniform can be purchased online at, or

Other non-school logo items, such as grey trousers or white shirts, can also be purchased from other suppliers of your choice eg, Tesco, Asda, Next etc 


  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • White school shirt or polo shirt and red school jumper
  • Black shoes or sensible sandals in the summer
  • Plain black or grey socks


  • Grey pinafore skirt or trousers, red and white summer dress
  • White school blouse or polo shirt and red school jumper or cardigan
  • Black shoes or sensible sandals in the summer
  • Plain red or grey tights / white or grey socks

Jeans, leggings, cycling shorts, trainers, high heels, jewellery and make up are not allowed.

The PE kit consists of black shorts, a red, blue, green or yellow t-shirt (house colour), white socks, plimsolls and trainers; these are kept in school during term time in a draw-string bag. For outdoor winter games a tracksuit is recommended.   

No jewellery, including earrings, are allowed to be worn during PE.  For safety reasons, staff are not allowed to remove earrings, the children must be able to do this themselves.  In accordance with Essex County Council guidelines, we are no longer allowed to use tape, they must be removed.