Practice for Sports Day

Yesterday in PE, we practiced more athletics in preparation for our upcoming sports day.

The Guinea Pig party

Today we read a book called ‘the Guinea Pig party’. We are going to base a lot of our work this week around this book.

Father’s Day Lunch

Today we enjoyed a special Father’s Day lunch and play! Thank you Maxine for all your hard work and to the Dads and Grandads for joining us!


On Wednesday, class 1 participated in some athletic activities including high jump, long jump and hurdles. We had so much fun learning all the different techniques in order to do the activities properly.


Today we sorted some Guinea pig information into five different categories; food, water, behaviour, where they live and handling them. We were really good at remembering what we should do to look after our Guinea pigs.

Class 1 vs Guinea pigs

Today some of the children in class one had some one-on-one time with the two Guinea pigs: Lucy and Ginger. The children were very well behaved when approached by the Guinea pigs and had lots if fun socialising with them.

Shared reading

Yesterday class 1 and class 3 joined forces to do some shared reading together.

Trinity service

Today the whole school went to church to learn about Trinity. Each class planned a presentation to help us to think about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Class 1 spoke about different ways that God helps us through a poem, Class 2 presented a short play about John the… Read more »

Class 3 coming to visit 

Class 3 Came to class 1 today and showed us the amazing work they have completed. We had lots of fun getting a sneak peek into their class work .

Prayer spaces

Today we had the opportunity to see what the prayer spaces looked like and what activities were in then.  We had lots of Fun participating the all the activities.