Feelings, Emotions and a cinema.

Today, Class one have enjoyed a Personal, Social, Emotional Development day (PSHE for Yr 1). We had a brilliant assembly that taught us about colour zones to help us identify our emotions. So if we feel sad, we associate it with blue. red for anger etc. We then talked about the Colour Monster which is… Read more »

Zones of Regulation

Good morning all, As a whole school approach, we will be introducing the Zones of Regulation to the children today. The Zones of Regulation is about self regulation. It is a tool that helps children identify, address and use strategies to achieve self control and emotional regulation in a safe and non judgemental way. The… Read more »

Reading books.

You may have noticed this week that your child’s reading book may not have been changed. I would like the children to read their book at least 3 times before I change it. This is in line with the National Curriculum objective of re-reading books to build up fluency and confidence in word reading. This… Read more »

Who is special to us?

Today in RE, we learnt about why Jesus is special to some people, who was special to Jesus and we talked about the people who we thought were special to us. We made paper dolls to represent those people in our lives.

Notice for Reception parents.

Due to us following the Governments Early adopter framework with regard to assessment of the children, we shall be focusing on our understanding of good sleep routines, tooth brushing and sensible amounts of screen time. If you have any queries regarding the upcoming learning, please speak to me in the morning and I will be… Read more »

What a discovery!

You will never believe what happened this afternoon in Class One! We found a note from the Pirate Redbeard telling us he had lost his sparkly, pretty treasure somewhere in our classroom. He told us to give it back OR ELSE!!!! In our outdoor area, we found such an amazing, exciting discovery! The children (an… Read more »

It’s cricket season!

This half term, we will be learning how to play cricket! Today, we built upon last terms ball skills and learnt how to bowl, hitting the wicket. Year 1 had a great attempt at overarm bowling, very impressive indeed. Next week, we shall use the actual cricket stumps.

Last Mildred update.

We have all thoroughly enjoying watching Mildred and her journey to hatch her eggs. She ended up with two nestlings, of which we have named Sparkle and Rainbow. By the time we come back to school, the nestlings will have turned into fledgings and may have left the nest. It’s a shame we can’t see… Read more »

Easter break write!

Hi, just a quick note to say your child has come home with the following note paper… I am not expecting lots and lots of writing, although it would be lovely to see some of the fun your have had on holiday written for me. I can then read about all your fantastic family time…. Read more »