Fantastic first week back!

Well, what a great first week back you’ve all had! You have been very busy at home (and in school) and your learning looks very creative and fun! Have a safe weekend and we look forward to more great learning next week!

Friday Feeling!

Well done on another week of learning either in class or at home! Your learning for Friday is as follows: In Literacy, I would like you to create an Acrostic poem. An Acrostic poem uses a word that is written using each initial as a starting point vertically down the page. So for example ‘Queen’… Read more »

Buckingham Palace a la Jackson Pollock

Today, we looked at the artist Jackson Pollock for inspiration on how to paint our Buckingham Palace. We looked at his painting called ‘Summertime’ and interpreted it in our own way. We then used his style on our role play Buckingham Palace, it was so much fun! Photos to follow, sorry slight technical glitch. Mrs… Read more »

Continued home learning

Lots of you continuing with your home learning and it looks brilliant! Lots of different types of learning going on and you look like you’re having a good time!

The fantastic learning continues…

Well you have been very busy this week with your learning and getting very creative with it! Keep the photos coming in – we love to see all of your smiley faces!

Singing Assembly

To start off our final half term of this academic year, I am suggesting the following two songs which can both be found in the ‘Just For Fun’ category. They are ‘Just Sing!’ and ‘Clap Hands! Stamp Feet!’. Not only are they a lot of fun to sing, remember they also have activities for you… Read more »

Start times

Please make sure you are entering the school premises at the designated time. The designated times for each class are for the safety of the children in different parts of the school (their bubbles) as well as our staff members. Also, please be mindful, Pre-school are using our entrances in the morning so other families… Read more »

Wednesday’s learning

Hello! Bonjour! Guten Tag! I wonder if you can find out other languages and say hello (email me). The learning for today will utilise your research about the famous painting from part of the United Kingdom. I would like you to recreate the painting using different materials. For example, if you have lentils and pulses… Read more »

Summer learning – first week back!

Well, what a first week back! We’ve had a great time in school so far regardless of the changes and we can see you have had just as much fun learning at home too. Great to see the fantastic learning still going on.

Tuesday’s activities.

Hello, hope you all had a good day, I have enjoyed seeing the photos that have come in about Monday’s learning. Well done. Our new topic across the school is ‘Our Country’, within this we will be looking at the United Kingdom over the forthcoming weeks. To start us off, I would like you to… Read more »