Singing Assembly

For our last week, please try ‘Moving To The Music’ which can be found in the ‘Just For Fun’ section. Begin by singing all the words then gradually replace the verbs with their action. As always, have fun and try as many different songs as you wish. Not only is this the final singing assembly… Read more »

It’s Sports Day today!

Those of us in school are going to have Sports Day today. Not as we usually do but still with lots of fun games and competitions and rushing around. Have a look at our activities sheet which is attached here and see what you can join in with, we would love to see some pictures… Read more »

The week ahead.

Good morning, I have thought about this week and have decided to put the weeks activities in one post. Please choose from the following tasks per day. This week we will be thinking about transition into your new year group. These are the activites: Make a transition passport for your new teacher. Tell them about… Read more »

Friday’s activities

Good morning. Today, I would like you to really focus and work hard on your letter formation and your name writing. If you have a tablet, you can use this interactive game to help. You can either write using pens and pencils, or alternatively use something different. Shaving foam, flour and sand are great… Read more »

Thursday’s activities.

Good morning, Today in phonics I would like you to listen and show your adult the phonics songs we sing in class. In maths, I would like you to look for shapes in your house. Can you find something square, a triangle, a rectangle, a circle. Then tell your grown up what makes it special…. Read more »

Singing Assembly

This week, have a look at ‘I Heard A Blackbird Singing’ which can be found in the ‘Sing In Every Subject’ section. I’m looking forward to listening out for different birdsong in my garden. As always, have fun and try as many different songs as you wish. Miss Scotchford.


Hello all. We are going to start our day with a favourite shake break. For maths today, I would like you to work through the various activities on this bitesize game page. Another fabulous Bitesize activity to practise your phonics can be found in this set. Within this, you will find a game… Read more »

Tuneful Tuesday

Hello, here is the learning for Tuesday. We are going to have a music day based on the British Forces. Listen to this piece of music… How many instruments can you hear? What so you think they are? What is the tempo of the music? Fast or slow? Why do you think it is repetitive?… Read more »

Monday funday!

Hello, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Here is your learning for Monday. We are moving on from smugglers to the British Armed Forces. The children in class have requested that we do so and are eager to learn more. So, your first challenge is to identify the 3 elements of the Armed Forces…. Read more »

You’ve got the key… The key to learning!

Well, well, well… You have been a busy lot! I can’t believe the amount of effort that has gone in this week with your learning and what you’ve all managed to produce. Very proud teachers!