It’s learning time!

Good Morning! Hope you are all well. Today, we are going to look at a landmark that you can see around the coast. Lighthouses! First, can you find out where our nearest lighthouse is? Traditionally what colours are lighthouses? What was their purpose? Watch this video. What else do you know about a lighthouse now?… Read more »

Singing Assembly

This week, please try ‘Put On A Smile’ which can be found in the ‘In It Together’ section. The accompanying activities sound like a lot of fun and are sure to put a smile on your face! As always, have fun and try as many different songs as you wish.

Maths game

Hello, I have discovered this amazing addition maths game. Have a go, I hope you like it!

A smuggler’s life for me!

Hello all, this is your learning for Wednesday 1st July. Following on with our smuggler’s theme, today I would like you to think about what life would be for a smuggler. Now remember, Smugglers were not Pirates. Pirates took to the seas and raided ships whereas Smugglers took goods and smuggled them into the country… Read more »

It’s Tuesday!

Hello all, here is the learning for today. Try this quickfire counting game. Begin with the Bronze level and work your way through. Be accurate with your counting to ensure you get points.,%20support&title=Count%20the%20Yeti%201%20to%2010 Then move onto practising your number bonds to ten. For phonics, I would like you to use Bitesize as a… Read more »

Monday 29th June!

Hello Class One! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. This week, to continue our learning about the British Isles, we are going to be looking at smugglers around our region. Smugglers were people who made some poor choices! They stole from others and made lots of money from what… Read more »

What an amazing week of learning!

Wow! You have had such an amazing week of learning and it looks like you have done a lot – above and beyond! Have a great weekend and please be safe when enjoying the sun. We’ll done everyone 🙂

Feelings jars

Good Morning. Today we are going to think about our feelings. Not being able to see our friends and family lately has been hard. Sometimes we all find it tricky to explain to our grown ups how we feel. I’d like you to create feelings jars (or pots). Think of some colours to represent your… Read more »

Thursday’s tasks

Today, I would like you to be the Victorian inventor Alexander Graham Bell! He was the first person to send sound across a telephone wire. What nationality was Alexander Graham Bell? In order to create your own telephone you will need; 2 plastic pots like a yoghurt pot Some string, wool or twine A knitting… Read more »

Singing Assembly

This week, have a look at ‘If I were a Mini-beast’ which can be found in the ‘Sing in Every Subject’ section. There are some nice activities to accompany this – some of which can be done outside. As always, have fun and try as many different songs as you wish. Miss Scotchford