Our Wonderful World 21st Jan.

I hope you’ve been having fun this week learning at home. Let’s wake up this cold Thursday morning with a shake break.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpOe8lngp_o&feature=youtu.be Today, we are going to look at instructional writing. These instructions explain to a person how to do something. We have instructions for lots of different reasons, for example baking a cake or making… Read more »

Our wonderful world 20th Jan.

Thank you for all your hard work so far, I hope you are enjoying learning about Sloths, I know I am. Now, we know now that sloths are herbivores, eating buds and leaves yet sometimes they will eat fruit. I have found this cool Science experiment which uses an Orange and Baking Soda to explore… Read more »

Our Wonderful World Tuesday 19th January

Hello again, Yesterday, I asked you to research Sloths, I hope you all enjoyed finding out lots of new information.  I have a story for you to listen to about a Sloth. I really enjoyed it. There is also a film, called Zootopia, you might have seen it, with a character who is a Sloth…. Read more »

Year One Phonics

Hello Year One, I have a phonics activity for you to complete for me. Send me your work via office@darcyschool.co.uk Mrs Whybrow

Our wonderful world 18th Jan.

Hello, I hope you have had a relaxing weekend. My children and I have been watching lots of movies, especially Star Wars! This week we will focusing on Sloths. Your first task is to research them, find out as much information as you can ready for tomorrow’s task. Here are some websites that will help:… Read more »

Phonics challenge for this week beginning 18th Jan.

I really enjoyed reading your clues for the phonics challenge, so I thought we would carry this on. Here are the initial sounds for you to write more clues: Monday – m Tuesday – b Wednesday – sh Thursday – d Friday – w I look forward to your clues! Mrs Whybrow

Yet another wonderful week!

Thank you again for the amazing photos of your home learning. The jokes sent in made me chuckle too. Happy birthday to Annalise who was 5 this week. I have answers for the teacher challenge, sorry for the delay. Elliott is it an Octopus? David is it boys and girls? Congratulations to Elliott W and… Read more »

Headteacher’s challenge

This week’s challenge is to learn a new skill. Many of you have continued with clubs and music lessons via online calls. Here in school we have had zoom lessons with teachers and piano lessons via zoom too. At home, I have been learning to dance the Foxtrot, Cha Cha and, Jive via Teams! Please share… Read more »