Robin watch!

Today, Mildred the Robin momentarily left her nest! The children watched as she flew from the bushes to the chair barricade around her nest, up onto her eggs within the construction triangle. It is so very exciting, she is tolerating our noisy play well too. 9 or 10 days until hatch day hopefully!!! Mrs Whybrow… Read more »

Robin Watch Day 3

Today’s update! We think the our Robin (the grown ups call her Mildred), has started to brood. If you look at the way she is sitting in her nest. this is the nesting position. We hopefully should have a family of Robin’s in just under two weeks. Mrs Whybrow and Miss Ripton

Robin watch Day 2

Today, our Robin Mum spend a great deal of time sitting on her nest whilst we played outdoors. She didn’t seem too bothered by the noise. Isn’t she the sweetest little visitor.

Our Robin eggs

Here is a photo of our Robin eggs. We hope the Mum comes back and lays more so we can track the progress.

Babies on the way for Class One!!!

We have some exciting news in Class One. We are having not one, not two but three babies!! We discovered a bird nest in our construction area and it has three eggs. The children extremely excited and we will be focusing our learning around this. Mrs Whybrow and Miss Ripton

Our new mud kitchen.

We now have the most amazing mud kitchen in our outdoor learning area, we can’t wait for you all to see it and play. A massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Ripton (Miss Ripton’s Mum and Dad) for enhancing our learning area. Mrs Whybrow and Miss Ripton

Friday Fun.

Hello, it is Friday again and the last day of home learning! I do hope you are excited to come back into class, (I am excited that my children are going back to school and college 🙂 ), we have a brand new mud kitchen for you to play with! Let’s start the day with… Read more »

Thursday 4th March

Good morning, I hope you are all well and getting excited about returning to class. Today, I would like you to research the life cycle of a bee. Year One, can you find the definition of the following words;larva and pupaFollowing your research, can you make a bee life cycle diagram. Present it how you… Read more »

Wednesday fun!

Morning all. how are you all feeling today? Are you happy, excited, tired? Write me a sentence telling me how you are and email it in. Don’t forget to tell me why! First thing we will do today is a little bit of bee yoga. Spot the bee Can you see if you can spot… Read more »

Busy Bumblebears 2nd March

Hello, I hope you have enjoyed making your baby bee today. Has anyone had a bee disaster yet? Remember to make the bee a comfy place to live and take great care of it. Maybe give it a name! I would like you to think about our Bumble bear story. What did bear want more… Read more »