Winter fun

We had lots of fun exploring the snow with our friends!

Reading help with class 3

Today class 1 joined forces with class 3 so they could help us with our reading. The children really enjoyed reading to the older children in the school. Class 3 helped class 1 with not only their reading but they helped them with their sounding out as well. Class 3 also read some of their… Read more »

Stained glass windows

Today we started creating our stained glass windows that we are going to sell at our winter bazaar, here is a sneak preview of them. We hope you look forward to seeing them when they are complete.

Outdoor adventures

On Wednesday the 6th of December, the children had lots of fun playing outside. We decided to get out lots of our rideable toys out like our tricylces and our scooters.The children played lots of different games riding around the outside area. we also got out our new paint rollers, the children used these to… Read more »

Saint Nicholas

Today it was St Nicholas day! The children learnt all about the story of the real Saint Nicholas and how he helped others by giving money to those in need. The children acted out the story of Saint Nicholas where he overheard a family talking about how the man could not afford for his daughters… Read more »

Wreath making

In our class collective worship today, the children learnt about the advent wreath and what each of the candles symbolise. Then the children all worked together to use their scissor skills to cut paper strips to create a class wreath. Some of the children helped join the paper strips.

Our nativity creations

Today the children created their very own nativity scene; including a stable, some animals and some characters from the nativity story. They used many different materials such as fabrics, paper and cardboard and learnt how to join and secure materials using elastic bands. The year one children had to work independently and had to use… Read more »

Making 10

Today we investigated different ways of making 10 using the numicon and balance scales. We are now learning to say our number bonds really quickly e..g 4+6=10 7+3=10 or 10-5 =5. Please help us to practice at home.

Design and technology projects

This past week we have been creating our DT Projects that coincide with our theme this term which is space. We have created our very own space scenes using cardboard boxes and some of the pictures that we have created.

The Good Samaritan

Today we thought about being friendly to everyone just like The Good Samaritan! We made our own friendly pictures to help us to remember to always be kind, friendly and helpful.