KS 2 STEM competition

I just want to say well done to the children that took part in the wearable tech competition. I have currently submitted 2 innovative ideas and I know that I am waiting on one more. The children have really worked hard on this project and I have to say that I am very impressed with… Read more »

Well done Class One Golden Ticket holders!

Well done to the children who received a Golden Ticket for reading at home 3 times of more this half term. Well Done to our overall winner, Dexter who received a special prize. The Wonka wheel has been reset ready for our readers to get their hands on an illustrious Golden Ticket.

STEM competition! Roll up inventors!

This year, we thought it would be fantastic to be involved in a national STEM competition! It is something to look forward to after all the uncertainty of the lockdowns. The children were involved in an assembly today with Mrs Whybrow talking about wearable technology. Most of us have either a Fitbit or an Apple… Read more »

Our amazing week of learning!

Class one have had such a fantastic week, I am so proud of the children. We had excitement when Captain Redbeard ruined our classroom looking for the treasure we have. We all learnt about fingerprints to see if we could identify our own from the intruder. It was great fun using the magnifying glasses to… Read more »

Feelings, Emotions and a cinema.

Today, Class one have enjoyed a Personal, Social, Emotional Development day (PSHE for Yr 1). We had a brilliant assembly that taught us about colour zones to help us identify our emotions. So if we feel sad, we associate it with blue. red for anger etc. We then talked about the Colour Monster which is… Read more »

Zones of Regulation

Good morning all, As a whole school approach, we will be introducing the Zones of Regulation to the children today. The Zones of Regulation is about self regulation. It is a tool that helps children identify, address and use strategies to achieve self control and emotional regulation in a safe and non judgemental way. The… Read more »

Reading books.

You may have noticed this week that your child’s reading book may not have been changed. I would like the children to read their book at least 3 times before I change it. This is in line with the National Curriculum objective of re-reading books to build up fluency and confidence in word reading. This… Read more »

Who is special to us?

Today in RE, we learnt about why Jesus is special to some people, who was special to Jesus and we talked about the people who we thought were special to us. We made paper dolls to represent those people in our lives.

Notice for Reception parents.

Due to us following the Governments Early adopter framework with regard to assessment of the children, we shall be focusing on our understanding of good sleep routines, tooth brushing and sensible amounts of screen time. If you have any queries regarding the upcoming learning, please speak to me in the morning and I will be… Read more »