Today we started to learn about Advent and the importance of being patient during this time. We thought about what can happen when we are not patient.

Deepening our understanding in maths.

Today, the year ones focused on deepening their understanding of addition. We talked about what it actually means to add, explored the vocabulary around the concept and looked at the operations needed within an addition number sentence.

Nature shapes

We are currently exploring shape in Class one. The children were set a challenge to create 2D shapes using natural materials. It was great fun! Year one focused on the faces that made up a 3D shape.


We have started to learn some Christmas songs in Collective Worship today ready for our Christingle service. Please continue to enjoy these with your children and they will teach you the new signs they have learnt.

Sing and sign

This week we have been learning to sing and sign during our Collective Worship. The children have really enjoyed the new songs and singing in rounds too! Here’s the links so you can join in at home.

Class assembly

On Wednesday afternoon, Class 4 shared their learning with the school in their Class assembly. Thank you to all the parents/carers for joining us – we really enjoyed sharing a selection of the fun we have in school.

We are building a lighthouse!

Class one will be creating their own lighthouse shortly. Today, we investigated how an old lighthouse would have turned the light using cogs. The children attempted to make a gigantic working mechanism. Year one explored circuits and learnt how to power a light bulb ready for our very own lighthouse!

School Council Visit

Today, the School Council welcomed visitors to our school from Kelvedon St. Mary’s Primary Academy. The two School Councils worked together on school improvement matters. Thank you to the team of children for being fantastic hosts and celebrating all our achievements and ideas here at Tolleshunt D’Arcy.

Armistice Day

Today, the whole school fell silent at 11am as part of our Remembrance Services. Class 4, attended their service at church led by Revered Sarah-Clare. Thank you Edward and Caitlyn for your beautiful readings in church.

Firework fun!

Class 1 had a fabulous afternoon thinking about Fireworks and safety. We enjoyed making firework sounds and actions as well as painting firework pictures and making firework breadstick sparklers!