Victorian inventions in class

Today in class, we were looking at the Victorian invention of the telephone. We saw pictures of telephones across the years and talked about how the sound waves vibrated across wires. We then made our own telephone. It was a great success.

Steam Locomotives

As we are visiting the era of Queen Victoria, we will be looking at some of the brilliant inventions of the time. Steam engines were invented in the Victorian era. I would like you to research some facts about them. Who built the first passenger steam locomotive? What fuels the steam engine? What is a… Read more »

Nature day!

Good Morning. As today is meant to be a glorious day, I would like you to do all your learning outdoors. Your first task is maths. I would like you to gather two types of object, for example leaves and flowers. I would then like you to represent these number sentence using the objects: 5… Read more »

Lots of lovely learning happening…

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I’ve had lots of emails through where you’ve been sharing your amazing learning! Keep up the hard work everyone.

Monday 22nd June.

Morning, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This week we are continuing our Royal theme but moving back in time. I would like you all to be time explorers and research Queen Victoria. Find the answers to these questions: When did she become Queen? How long was her reign? Who was her husband? How… Read more »

Our shiny new interactive whiteboard!

We are ever so lucky in Class One, we have a shiny new interactive whiteboard. We are all so excited about it as it means we can achieve lots of learning on it. Each morning we will self register by writing out names and choose what we would like for lunch. It is going to… Read more »

Friday fun

Hello! Hope you all had a good day yesterday. Today, I would like you to try this fun phonics game which revises all phase 2 sounds. If you can encourage your child to sound out and blend in order to make the dragons happy. If I could remind you of the importance of reading everyday… Read more »

Thursday’s activities.

Hello again, hope you enjoyed making a compass yesterday. Today, I would like you to look at the differences between the coast and a town. For example, how is Colchester different from Mersea? Make a list. Your maths challenge reception children is as follows: Have a try at this phonics game too. On… Read more »

Singing Assembly

This week, please try ‘Coordination Funk’ which can be found in the ‘Get Moving’ section. It is the perfect start to your day and sure to get your brains and bodies ready for the learning ahead. As always, have fun and try as many different songs as you wish. Miss Scotchford

Amazing learning so far…

Hi everyone! Lots of lovely learning coming through. You have been keeping very busy…