Zoom meet

Hello all, we thought it would be a lovely idea for us all to catch up on zoom this week before we come back next week. Please look out for a link via parent mail and we hope to see as many of you as possible. Mrs Whybrow and Miss Ripton

Busy Bees 1st March

Hello its a new week and new Month. Spring is here! Our new story for this week is Bumblebear. If you haven’t heard it, listen to the story below. For this weeks’s PSHE/PSED learning, you need to get your balloon that I asked you to find ready for this week. We are going to make… Read more »

Busy bees 26th Feb

We have reached the end of another week, well done everyone. A notice for next week’s learning, can you get a balloon that is going to be made into a bee. A water balloon would be best but a normal balloon is just as good. I shall explain all on Monday! I would like you… Read more »

Busy Bees 25th Feb

Let’s begin with the coding project for the day. I hope you enjoy this Minecraft activity. Hopefully, you are getting more confident with programming as each day passes. https://studio.code.org/s/mc/stage/1/puzzle/1 If you child is really enjoying these coding projects, I can recommend downloading Scratch as an extension task. https://scratch.mit.edu/parents Scratch is a little more in-depth than… Read more »

Busy bees 24th Feb

Hello again, I hope you enjoyed the coding activity and are managing to find things for the maths task when out and about. Here is the coding activity for today. You all know I love Star Wars!! https://studio.code.org/s/starwarsblocks/stage/1/puzzle/1 I would suggest you stop at puzzle 6, from 7 onwards it gets a little tricky but… Read more »

Maths task for the week

Here is your maths task for the week for Year One. Reception, your task will follow at the end of this blog. Now yesterday, I asked you to find out about Pictograms. I would like you to create your own chart and record the data of certain things you will find during your daily walk…. Read more »

Busy Bees 23rd Feb

Hello, I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s learning. Thinking back to our story of the Greedy Bee, the author has used onomatopoeia, This is such a fun and fantastic feature of writing as you can be really creative. Onomatopoeia, is when a word sounds like the action. For example, crash, splat, plop. Can you revisit the… Read more »

Bees are amazing Monday 22nd Feb

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve had a fantastic half term and are ready to welcome Spring too. This half term, we will be learning about Bees, Butterflies and Blooms, perfect for Spring. For the next 2 weeks, we are going to look at Bees. Our book focus this week is ‘The Very Greedy Bee’. Now… Read more »

Creative week Thursday 11th Feb

Hello, today is the last day of creative week as next week is half term. You are all amazing and deserve a rest. Hopefully, you are enjoying creating your mood boards. Felicity I really loved your happiness collage. As we have been focusing on emotions this week, I thought we could watch a clip of… Read more »

Creative week Wednesday 10th Feb

We have reached the middle of the week with our learning. Keep the photos coming in please. Our maths today is a creative activity to help with your addition and number bonds to 10. It is important to have rapid recall (fluency) of these number facts in Reception and Year one bonds up to 20…. Read more »