Below, are the spellings for this week: correspond criticise curiosity definite desperate

WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust/ CAA stem day

Today , we were thrilled to take part in a WW1 aviation heritage day. We were joined by three members from the group who shared their knowledge and experiences with us. We learnt about many key facts and heard stories from WW1. Also, we got to try out two simulators which saw us fly planes… Read more »

Class 4’s Homework

Attached is the creative homework. Any questions, please ask. Kind regards, Mr. Collingwood


Below are the spellings for the first week back ( week beg: 30.10.23) competition conscience conscious controversy convenience Have a great week!


This afternoon, class 4 had a great time sharing and talking about their homework. There were some fantastic pieces of homework that had been completed. It was clear to see that a lot of effort had gone into the tasks. Well done to all the children that completed the homework tasks.


This afternoon , we discussed the words light and shade. Then, we tried to use chalk in different ways. Finally, we created our own pieces of art using chalk and thinking about light and shade.

Cricket Session

This afternoon , we were lucky enough to have an extra cricket session with Chloe. Chloe is a cricket coach who works for Essex. We had lots of fun and got to learn some new cricket skills.

Cricket Day!

Today , we were joined by Chloe from Essex County Cricket Club for a day all about cricket. This was to celebrate the Cricket World Cup that is being held in India. Chloe held an assembly this morning and talked about the nations taking part and showed us some of the rules of the game… Read more »


Below, are the spellings for next week: category cemetery committee communicate community

Art – Class 4

On Monday afternoon, Class 4 were investigating light and shade. We learnt how to use different sketching techniques to create different areas of light and shade.