Smarties maths

Today we had a fun maths lesson using smarties where we had to count how many were in a packet after estimating, and we had to find the mean, median, mode and range of these numbers. It included almost all aspects of mathematics, and gave us good practice on a range of subjects such as… Read more »

Art club 

Recently in art club, we have been looking at cave paintings and the different sales and techniques they are done in. Yesterday, we actually created our own cave paintings using materials cavemen would have actually used.

May Fayre

Thank you to the PTFA for a wonderful afternoon on Friday and successfully raising £500 for the school!

Round houses

Today we designed and made our own round houses.

STEM club challenge

Today in STEM club, we took to the field to look at what animals and insects there were to be found. We discovered a bug that we could not identify. The challenge set is to identify the insect (photo attached). We have already started to do this. Come and find me by Friday to claim… Read more »

Camping budgets

Today we looked at budgets in our maths lesson. We had to arrange and plan a camping trip for a family with £800 to spend. Some really interesting selections and choice were made.  


This morning, we had a lesson in maths to focus on key math terminology in preparation for their sats. This was lots of fun.


This afternoon class 4 were lucky enough to have a Dance Class. Who knew we had such good moves! 

Obstacle course

Today in class four, we were working on our  team building skills. 

Art club

Just a reminder that art club, run by Mr Fox, is starting tomorrow. We still have some spaces available and would love to see you there! There is a £1 per child admittance fee to help cover any costs that would be required for resources such as sketch books. For any further information regarding the… Read more »