Class 4s Incredible Week

This week in Class 4, we have had an incredible week. It has been filled with laughter, games and lots of learning!

English – Plan a webpage

During English, Class 4 have been planning their brilliant webpages about our wonderful Class/School. Throughout the week they have been gathering research about different school webpages. Today, they used their research to support them to plan their own wonderful webpages. I can’t wait to see them!

Art – How to use sketching techniques to represent light, shade and texture using pencil, ink charcoal and chalk?

In the last few weeks, Class 4 have been focusing on different sketching techniques to represent different textures through different mediums. They have produced some beautiful pieces of Art and can now expertly use a variety of different sketching techniques. They are artists!

CRAZY CREATURES – Creative Writing Competition

Crazy Creatures is a competition where the pupils have used their imagination to create their own 100 word shorty story about their Crazy Creature. They had so much for doing it, we able to think outside the box and have a chance of winning so great prizes!