Class 4s Fantastic Week

It has been non-stop in Class 4 this week, they have shown resilience and responsibility as role models of D’Arcy school. They have made the Class 4 team very proud! They dove into deep thinking this week in Maths, PSHE and PE. We have some great minds in Class 4.

PE – How can I play hockey showing skill and tactical awareness?

After learning how to pass and receive a ball in hockey last week, Class 4 have moved onto dribbling with the ball. We started of with our favourite warm-up game, ‘crab dog’ and move into some group races focusing on technique and body positioning. They were brilliant, I can see some hockey stars in the making.

PSHE – What does the term Human Rights mean?

Over the last 3 weeks, Class 4 have been delving into discussion surrounding Human Rights. It has been an enlightening and motivating area to discuss. The pupils have been respectful throughout all the lessons and have developed a deeper level of thinking towards the world and what the term Human Rights mean.


In Maths this week, the children have been looking at the area of shape. They have used CPA to support them through this learning process, by building areas of shape with multi-link, drawing shapes to calculate with their partners and answers questions independently. They all did a great job!