Patterns, patterns and more patterns

Hiya everyone! Hope you’re all staying safe and enjoying creating some beautiful art pieces. Today’s creative activity is based around the amazing artist: Andy Goldsworthy. To create these pieces all you’ll need is an outside space. You’ll need to collect as many natural objects as you can and create a pattern out of them, easy… Read more »

Thursday 26th March – Class 4

Hello Class 4! I hope you are keeping safe and well – I miss you all. Each Thursday, I will be blogging some activities for you to have some fun with! English: Death at the SPaG Bol! Each Thursday, I will release a clue to help you eliminate half of your suspects. The answer will… Read more »

Wildlife Activities

This is a really lovely website that is full of amazing wildlife activities. Highly recommend you have a look.

Watercolour salt painting

Hi guys, so today’s creative activity is to discover how watercolour paints and table salt react together. All you need to do is to cover a piece of paper in watercolour paints and then sprinkle some table salt onto your painting and see what happens. This will create some stunning paintings. Have a great time!… Read more »

More Useful Links

A few more useful links for home learning have been brought to my attention: – Now free for the period in which schools are closed. This is a very useful site with video lessons that will help teach concepts. I know a lot of you have been using Joe Wickes’ videos – they’re a… Read more »

Keeping healthy

Competition time! Make a poster to encourage others to keep healthy. Watch this short video clip to give you ideas. Why not put your poster up in your window or share it with others by email or social media. I look forward to seeing the results! Keep safe and have fun with your loved ones… Read more »

EMAs to try.

Class 4 usually start the day with an EMA (Early Morning Activity) before going into Assembly. Here are a couple to try out at home: There are 10 letters of the alphabet missing from this list, they spell the names of 2 types of fish. What are they? Remember you can only use a letter… Read more »

Fun painting ideas

Good afternoon all, I hope you are all staying safe and having fun. In the event that you are wondering what fun and exciting painting activities you could complete with your children, I have compiled these lovely silhouette painting ideas. These can be done with a black marker and a very limited colour palette, I… Read more »

School closure

Please can I remind you that school is currently closed and the government have asked parents to keep their children at home wherever possible. The school will only be open for those children who absolutely need to attend to ensure we can continue to be a safe place for the pupils and staff.