Salt crystals

In science at the beginning of term, we started growing salt crystals and today we looked at our results. We managed to grow some medium sized crystals on a string with a paper clip tied to it and some sludge and small crystals formed at the bottom.

Remembrance Service

Today, the children from Classes 3 and 4 attended church for a service whilst Classes 1 and 2 held an act of remembrance in school. The children were very respectful throughout. Thank you to all the staff, parents and church team for their support.


This afternoon we thought about different flood defences. We marked our maps where we thought these should be and why. 

Open morning

Thank you to all the pupils, staff and parents for all their hard work and support during this mornings Open Morning. We had a fabulous turn out from new and current parents and we look forward to welcoming them to our school in due course. A special thank you to our team of Year 6… Read more »


New homework is coming home tonight. 

Fire safety

We had a visit today from the Fire Prevention Officers. We also had the chance to use the fire engine hose.

Norman castles

We have been overwhelmed by the creativity and effort shown in all the children’s homework. We would like to thank you all for the support you have shown at home in this. These castles are amazing. 


We were lucky, as part of our safety week, to have a visit to the SCARF tent. We spoke about our feelings and thoughts on different scenarios.  All children shared their ideas sensibly and showed great respect for each other. 


Thank you for all your support at home completing homework. The children have clearly had a lot of fun whilst learning!


Today we made our own 3D shapes to work out the volume.