Class 4s Terrific Term

All of the teaching team in Class 4, are incredibly proud of Class 4s Spring Term. They are brilliant role models to the rest of the school, respectful in class and they love to learn. It is a joy to teach them and watch them blossom.


To finish the term, the pupils created their own written webpages about Tolleshunt D’Arcy school. Including some fabulous paragraphs about their: dedicated learning, fantastic facilities, lovely lunchtimes, amazing pupils, superb staff. They way the pupils have written about this school, what this means stands for and what this school means to them is heartwarming. They produced some technically beautiful writing.

Creative Homework

WOW! The pupils have been very creative over the last 5 weeks, producing some incredible homework. They created games, posters and film reviews.

Well done to all of those who were able to complete the 4 pieces of Creative Homework. This afternoon we held a learning carousel and used this time to write positive feedback on each others Creative Homework. It was so lovely to see the pride and time the pupils took in their home learning and the kind words others had to say about it.

I will blog next half-terms Creative homework on the first Monday back. Look forward to seeing what you bring next half-term!

Thurstable Visitor

Wednesday afternoon, we had a lovely visitor from Thurstable School come and visit our Class. She was very kind, helpful and supportive by giving a presentation to the Class about their transition for Primary to Secondary School. The pupils it very encouraging and welcoming for their new chapter in September.

Church Visit

On Tuesday, Class 4 travelled responsibly to the Church for the Easter Church service. They were brave and read an Easter Prayer in groups. All of Class 4 produced a lovely presentation of their Easter Prayer in the church, they should be proud of themselves.

Geography and English

This week the pupils channelled their inner Sir David Attenborough to present their documentaries. After writing their incredible documentaries, the pupils turned their attention to creating a presentation for their documentary. They produced some eye-catching, enlightening and hard-hitting documentaries about Climate Change. Well Done!

Have a lovely Easter break!