Tuesday’s learning.

Hoping everyone had a great day of learning today! Carrying on with our William Shakespeare theme this week: Topic words: create a wordsearch or I would really like a crossword for these topic words linking to Shakespeare; tradegy, love, stage, play, actors, men, comedy, London, theatre, character. Art: create a mask for you to wear… Read more »

Monday’s learning.

New week, new learning! This week we will be focusing on William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth 1. We will start our week off with the great William Shakespeare. Below is a link for bbc to find out about him and a Cbeebies video full of facts about his life. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z7d7gwx/articles/zrxwy9q Create a game called ‘Odd… Read more »

Friday’s learning

Victorian names: Some modern names are very different from traditional names used in Victorian times. Choose a Victorian name from the link below. Your name might even be on there… http://www.victorianschool.co.uk/victorian%20names.html Once you’ve chosen a Victorian name, think about your character (drama!). Your new role is a Chimney sweep. Think about what it would be like… Read more »

More learning…

Wow! Look at these great pieces from you all! Love to see you are all still hardworking and putting in 100%!

Thursday’s learning.

So far with out delve into Victorian lives, we have looked at Who Queen Victoria was, timelines, inventions they found (and may still use today) and differences between the ‘rich’ and the ‘poor’ back then…quite a lot! Looking at the Victorians still, I would like you to investigate what the schools used to be like…. Read more »

Singing Assembly

This week, have a go at ‘Each And Every Day’ which can be found in the ‘Wow and Wonder’ section. It is the last song in that section and was featured in week 8. This particular song has a little surprise just before the 3rd verse. For those of you who complete the activities that… Read more »

A ‘tweet’ from D’Arcy

Whilst cutting nettles and clearing out our lovely forest school area this morning, Mr. Este was lucky enough to come across a blue-tit nest containing babies. We’ve had to make sure we are very careful not to disturb it while we are out there. This was such a wonderful discovery we thought we needed to… Read more »

Fabulous learning so far!

Here’s a compilation of all the great learning you have been getting up to so far this week. It’s looking very creative and crafty!

Wednesday’s learning.

I hope you are all having a great week so far! Lots of lovely learning coming in about Queen Victoria and the Victorian times. Research/history: Look at different inventions. Do we still use some now? Have others been adapted to make it better? Have we taken ideas from one or two to make something else?… Read more »

Tuesday’s learning.

A great start to a new week everyone! We have seen some lovely learning already on Queen Victoria. Let’s keep up this great presentation and effort. English: you did a great job with the timelines on Queen Victoria. Now, make a fact file/profile about her. Include her full name, date of birth, where she was… Read more »