Tomorrow’s phonics meeting

Hello all, this is just a reminder about tomorrow morning, there is a phonics meeting at 9am for parents of year 1 and year 2 children. This meeting will include information about the phonics screening tests that the children will have to complete. Hopefully we will see you all tomorrow! Many thanks, Mr Fox

Have you seen my mummy?

Today in class 2, we learnt about the ancient Egyptian practice of Mummification. The children really enjoyed learning about all the different steps which happen in the process. We then turned one of the children into a mummy by wrapping them up (just as the Egyptians would) in toilet paper. Afterwards, the children had a… Read more »


Today in class 2, we did a PE session in which we explored the realm of dance. We listened to the song Arabian Nights from Aladdin and then the children had free rein to create a movement piece to the song.

Remembrance Service

Today, the children from Classes 3 and 4 attended church for a service whilst Classes 1 and 2 held an act of remembrance in school. The children were very respectful throughout. Thank you to all the staff, parents and church team for their support.

Skills morning

Happy Friday! Today we have been super busy in Class 2! We had a skills morning looking at maps, high frequency words and played head bands to help us with our describing skills. It was very fun! Also, some of us finish off our Egyptian Canopic Jars with the very talented Mr Fox.

Open morning

Thank you to all the pupils, staff and parents for all their hard work and support during this mornings Open Morning. We had a fabulous turn out from new and current parents and we look forward to welcoming them to our school in due course. A special thank you to our team of Year 6… Read more »

Introducing ‘Oh, the places you’ll go!’

New term, new topic! Originally it was called ‘All aboard the Class 2 express’ but we have enjoyed reading Dr Seuss books so much that we have now called our new topic ‘Oh, the places you’ll go! (Just like one of his books!). Our new topic is all about transport and visiting other places. We… Read more »

Harold and the life bus.

Today, Class 2 got to meet a new friend, Harold the giraffe and got to experience the new Life Bus tent. We learnt about our wonderful bodies and how it works. Harold also told us what he does to keep fit and healthy. Maybe we could think about what Harold does and try to do… Read more »

Diwali – Festival of Light.

In Class 2, we like to make sure we learn lots about everything – including other religious festivals.  Diwali is the Festival of Light and is a Hindu festival on new beginnings. We learnt about the story behind it of Rama and Sita and the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi.  Miss Jenkins wrote up what we… Read more »

Harvest and The Sower.

Class 2 have been learning lots about the Harvest festival this week. We have completed Harvest themed acrostic poems and we have learnt a Bible story that links very nicely to Harvest and giving thanks called The Sower. We summarised the story and did some great art work to go with it (which will be… Read more »