Learning activities and Lego Challenge.

Morning all! I hope everyone is keeping well… Im going to focus today and tomorrows learning mainly around life skills! The children have loads of learning in their packs, I’ve overloaded the blog already with activities (and other teachers are too) and there are new my maths activities on today! Please do not think we… Read more »

Wildlife Activities

This is a really lovely website that is full of amazing wildlife activities. Highly recommend you have a look. https://www.rspb.org.uk/fun-and-learning/for-teachers/schools-wild-challenge

Watercolour salt painting

Hi guys, so today’s creative activity is to discover how watercolour paints and table salt react together. All you need to do is to cover a piece of paper in watercolour paints and then sprinkle some table salt onto your painting and see what happens. This will create some stunning paintings. Have a great time!… Read more »

More Useful Links

A few more useful links for home learning have been brought to my attention: https://www.themathsfactor.com/ – Now free for the period in which schools are closed. This is a very useful site with video lessons that will help teach concepts. I know a lot of you have been using Joe Wickes’ videos – they’re a… Read more »

Learning day 2!

Good morning all! Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! Yesterday, we stayed healthy with Joe Wicks yesterday morning and will be doing the same again today! Click on the link below to join in! https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1 Literacy: Create your own Fairy Tale Write your very own ‘Fairy Tale’ complete with a Front Cover to… Read more »

Keeping healthy

Competition time! Make a poster to encourage others to keep healthy. Watch this short video clip to give you ideas. Why not put your poster up in your window or share it with others by email or social media. I look forward to seeing the results! Keep safe and have fun with your loved ones… Read more »

Free apps!

Afternoon! I know we have given you lots to do already, but just in case you or the children want a change (or you want them to learn without realising…) here’s a list of FREE apps available. I have not yet tried them all, so apologies if they aren’t very good, but they are free… Read more »

Fun painting ideas

Good afternoon all, I hope you are all staying safe and having fun. In the event that you are wondering what fun and exciting painting activities you could complete with your children, I have compiled these cute hand and foot painting ideas. These can be done with a very limited colour palette, I would also… Read more »

Learning activities

Daily audio book from David Walliams – a book that most if not all children will love! He is reading parts from his ‘The worlds worst children 3’ book. Highly recommend for the humour factor. https://bit.ly/AudioElevenses Fine motor skills – 30 day Lego challenge! Day 1 – You have been hired by an amusement park… Read more »

Home learning

Morning all, I hope everyone is well and is keeping safe! I know you have lots of learning to do at home with the packs we sent (some are in the post)- try not to overload the children … a few pieces a day is fine 🙂 I have put my maths on (every Friday… Read more »