Wellbeing and thinking about our feelings.

The attached booklet is to help children think about returning to school and has lots of suggestions about how to manage their worries. Many of the pages will be very useful for children who are worrying about how strange and unsettling life is at the moment. We hope that you will find this helpful. Mr… Read more »

Well-being & creative week – Inside out 09.02

Art: WALT – Explore the use of warm or cold colours. There are five main emotions controlling Riley – joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger. What other emotions can you think of? Can you create a character for an emotion you have come up with? What colour would they be? What would they look like?… Read more »

Mental Health

This week the teachers are focussing on well-being and feelings. Please see the following resources to help support your child. It is important that children learn to recognise their feelings, understand that all feelings are normal and how to process their feelings. Please continue to talk to them and speak to the school if you… Read more »

❄️☃️Snow day activities! ☃️❄️

Morning all! I hope everyone is having a good morning and has been out to enjoy the snow a little… We’ve been out on a snowy walk already and Jasper thoroughly enjoyed it! Obviously, there is plenty of learning planned for today (already on the blog) but I give you full permission to enjoy the… Read more »

School closure

I have had to take the difficult decision of closing the school today due to the weather conditions and safety. Learning is available online for all pupils. If you have any queries please contact the office – office@darcyschool.co.uk Mrs Eastbrook

Headteacher’s challenge

Make a game to play at home. Don’t forget to record your rules clearly! Why not contact a friend and share your ideas? Have fun and send me your pictures.

Well-being & creative week – Inside out 08.02

Good afternoon all! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has enjoyed the snow so far? Hopefully we can have some more overnight! This week we are focusing on our mental health and how to look after ourselves and putting a creative spin on our learning so we can find new ways to express… Read more »

The monkey with the bright, blue bottom! 05.02

English: Walt: Give a simple viewpoint. Try to use the following; I think… / I believe… / In my opinion… or create an argument I thought this but research/google/my book has said this… Statement/Question 1: Tiger’s can swim Statement/Question 2: Crocodiles are fast movers. Statement/Question 3: Are snakes good climbers? Statement/Question 4: Hippo’s can be… Read more »

Baking brilliant baguettes.

Tomorrow we will be baking baguettes and hope that some of you might join in at home. Have a look at the following link for a great simple recipe. https://www.bakingmad.com/recipe/french-baguettes Ready….. Bake! Mr Hopegood

100 challenge

People up and down the country have been remembering Captain Sir Tom Moore and celebrating his amazing achievements. My challenge to you is to set your own 100 challenge. Perhaps you could join up with your family or friends online to share the fun. Ideas could include walking 100 steps, doing 100 star jumps, raising… Read more »