Today we looked at space materials. We were much more confident, this time, coming up with properties of materials, like opaque, brittle and transparent. We used this information to look at composite materials and to describe how their properties change. We made our own composite material from paper. We found that adding the different shapes… Read more »

iSingPop concerts

Congratulations to all the children who put on two amazing concerts on Friday at St. Luke’s Church, Tiptree. Thank you to all the staff at both schools and the church team for their hard work and commitment to this collaborative project. Thank you to D’Arcy and St. Luke’s Church for their generous donations towards this… Read more »

Quick, hide, Andy’s coming!

This afternoon in class two, we had an art lesson with Mr Fox, in which we studied an artist called Andy Goldsworthy. We then created our own piece of natural art, inspired by Goldsworthy. We had so much fun.

You got me feeling emotions!

This afternoon in class two, we had a PSHE lesson in which we read the book: ‘The colour monster’ which describes different emotions using different colours. We also discussed how are bodies feel when we experience emotions such as sadness and happiness.


Thank you Nichola for spending time with us today to learn the songs for our concert on Friday! We are having so much fun singing and dancing together.

Open Evening of Learning

Thank you to all the pupils and staff for their hard work preparing for this afternoons Open Evening of Learning. The school looked amazing and the children performed well in the dance, gymnastics and musical shows! Thank you all for your support.

Breaktime Feast

During today’s break we enjoyed the food we cooked yesterday. It was yummy. There was so much that we shared it with the other classes! Thank you to Mrs Brownlee for coming in and cooking with us.

Sport Day Heats

Just some photos of our sports day heats from yesterday. The children competed in all the events to see who would take part in the finals today.

Biography of the village

Thursday morning we focused on different types of punctuation. We used sentences from our earlier work to practise the different skills.  In the afternoon we applied these skills to writing a fact file about the village. We were surprised to learn about the station and loved looking at the pictures of the old school children.

House Sports!

This morning, we had a wonderful time competing in our houses in a range of sporting activities. Thank you to Mr Este for planning and organising a morning of fun.