Christmas dinner!

Today, class one and two enjoyed a fantastic feast cooked by the wonderful Maxine. The children and staff enjoyed our special dinner. We would all like to thank Maxine and staff who helped serve up the festive treat.

Christingle services

Thank you to our amazing Holy Council who led today’s Christingle Services with Reverend Tracey. The children read clearly and sang beautifully! I am so proud how sensible the children were during the services, especially whilst the candles were lit.


Thank you to our amazing PTFA for organising this afternoons pantomime and treats!


Today we had a visit from Lesley who talked to us about the RNLI. We learnt what to do to keep ourselves safe. Thank you Mrs. Fowler and Mrs. Burrows for arranging this important learning opportunity.

Piano recital

Well done to all our young pianists who performed to the school and their families today. I am so proud of you and all the progress you are making. Well done everyone – keep being amazing! Thank you to Mrs Baluch and parents/carers for all your support.

Wriggly Nativity

Class 1 and 2 have worked incredibly hard learning their nativity play. This afternoon they performed to the pre-school and the older children. They are looking forward to showing their families on Monday and Tuesday at 2.30pm.

Christmas card competition

Well done to Rebecca and Grace who are this years winner and runner up for the Church Christmas card competition. Well done to all the children who entered, your designs were great!

Science experiment – how polar bears survive…

Good morning everyone! Yesterday. we have been learning about how polar bears survive in the Arctic and how they their fur keeps them warm. We looked at oil and water in our experiment. First, we poured our oil into big, glass vase so we could clearly see what would happen. Next, we poured half a… Read more »


Today we started to learn about Advent and the importance of being patient during this time. We thought about what can happen when we are not patient.

Spelling using BSL.

Hello everyone! We have had a very busy day in Class 2 today. Not only have we done a coding Maths mystery we also spent a little time practising our spellings using British Sign Language (BSL). Our BSL skills are improving and we are becoming more confident to show our spellings and to recognise them… Read more »