Happy new academic year to you all! It is so wonderful to be back with the children and to hear their voices around the school again. We have all truly missed it! Although we are all excited to come back and see each other, I know that lock down was an extremely stressful time for… Read more »

Singing Assembly

For our last week, please try ‘Moving To The Music’ which can be found in the ‘Just For Fun’ section. Begin by singing all the words then gradually replace the verbs with their action. As always, have fun and try as many different songs as you wish. Not only is this the final singing assembly… Read more »

It’s Sports Day today!

Those of us in school are going to have Sports Day today. Not as we usually do but still with lots of fun games and competitions and rushing around. Have a look at our activities sheet which is attached here and see what you can join in with, we would love to see some pictures… Read more »

And so…the end is near….

We’ve almost managed to get there! (And almost all in one piece!). It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster but we’ve now arrived at the last week. What is there to be said about this year that hasn’t been said already except that you are all remarkable in your own ways. If this time has… Read more »

Singing Assembly

This week, have a look at ‘I Heard A Blackbird Singing’ which can be found in the ‘Sing In Every Subject’ section. I’m looking forward to listening out for different birdsong in my garden. As always, have fun and try as many different songs as you wish. Miss Scotchford. https://www.outoftheark.co.uk/ootam-at-home/?utm_source=homepage&utm_campaign=ootamathome2&utm_medium=banner

We’ve almost made it!

I hope everyone is OK out there. I want you to all know how impressed I am by how well people have coped with everything that has been happening. Not only from the perspective of keeping up with work and home schooling, but also the kindness people have shown and how people have looked out… Read more »

You’ve got the key… The key to learning!

Well, well, well… You have been a busy lot! I can’t believe the amount of effort that has gone in this week with your learning and what you’ve all managed to produce. Very proud teachers!

Singing Assembly

This week, please try ‘Put On A Smile’ which can be found in the ‘In It Together’ section. The accompanying activities sound like a lot of fun and are sure to put a smile on your face! As always, have fun and try as many different songs as you wish. https://www.outoftheark.co.uk/ootam-at-home/?utm_source=homepage&utm_campaign=ootamathome2&utm_medium=banner

Class 3 Learning 29.06.20

Hi all, I hope everyone is doing well out there! This week’s learning is all on the Google Classroom ready. I am trying my best to get through it all while being in school; please be patient if I am unable to reply to things too quickly. Mrs. Bevan is kindly doing some of the… Read more »

What an amazing week of learning!

Wow! You have had such an amazing week of learning and it looks like you have done a lot – above and beyond! Have a great weekend and please be safe when enjoying the sun. We’ll done everyone 🙂