Disco fever

Today we had our end of year disco. We had so much fun and it was such an amazing way to end the year with a bang!​ ​

Leavers service

Well done to the year 6 pupils for a lovely service to celebrate all your achievements. It was great to hear all your memories. Good luck in all that you do and best wishes for the future.

Last Day

As tomorrow is the last day, I am happy for the children to bring in board games to play during the day. Please note that they may not bring in anything electronic such as games devices or phones. It would also be useful to bring in a carrier bag in case there are things to… Read more »

We are not feeling blue!

Today in school, we have dressed up in our best purple clothes in order to show our support for Cancer Research UK. Thank you for all the donations!

Performing poetry

This week in class 3, we were given a poem which we analysed, from this poem we had to create a piece of music to represent the different parts of their poem. This was really fun being able to use our imaginations!

Brilliant bar charts!

We worked today using our knowledge of colour mixing, capacity and maths to create some coloured water bar charts. The children enjoyed this immensely and worked very sensibly to create representations of data!

Data and graph building

The children have been busy collecting data and building graphs using multi link. We have been working out appropriate scales for our graphs.

Growing and changing

Today we thought about growing and changing in Collective Worship. We celebrated our achievements and shared ways to overcome challenges. We prayed together to thank God for our talents. We reflected on the story from the Bible where Jesus said “Let the Children come to me” (Matthew 19:14) and how this links to our daily… Read more »

Play Leader training

Today, my current Year 5 play leaders met with my  Year 4 volunteers. Training is now complete. I am looking forward to my new team working together next year. Keeping lunchtimes happy and safe for all. Happy holidays!  See you all for duty in September.  Mrs Gibbs.

iSingPop concerts

Congratulations to all the children who put on two amazing concerts on Friday at St. Luke’s Church, Tiptree. Thank you to all the staff at both schools and the church team for their hard work and commitment to this collaborative project. Thank you to D’Arcy and St. Luke’s Church for their generous donations towards this… Read more »