Shared Writing with Class 3

On Thursday afternoon, Class 3 and Class 4 joined together to share their Voyager Stories and Persuasive letters. The children loved hearing each other’s writing and showed great pride in what they had accomplished over the last several weeks. There was some fabulous writing, great presentation and a high standard of writing produced by both… Read more »


Firstly, a BIG thank you to the PTFA for hosting the Disco on Thursday. All the children loved it and had a wonderful time, events like these create happy memories for the pupils. Secondly, another BIG thank you and well done to ALL the KS2 children. You all were respectful and safe during the disco,… Read more »

Safer Internet Day 2024

Today is Safer Internet Day. This special celebration takes place in February of each year to raise awareness of a safer and better internet for all, and especially for children and young people. Today, Class 3’s learning has been based around this year’s Safer Internet Day theme ‘Inspiring change and they have participated in a… Read more »

Science Club

In Science Club, we were looking at slime, specifically: non Newtonian liquids. This process involved looking at surface tension and how the particles behave when they change between a solid and a liquid. We used cornflower and water to create our slime, plus a little bit of food colouring to make things look cool. We… Read more »

Super Science!

Class 3 have been enjoying their science topic this half term where they have been learning all about changing state. They have learnt that everything around us is matter and this matter can be in three different states; Solid, Liquid or Gas. This afternoon, the children learnt that the temperature at which a substance changes… Read more »

Science Club

This week in Science Club, we investigated oxygen and carbon dioxide. Our experiment included removing all of the oxygen within a glass by burning a candle and seeing what happens to the liquid underneath. When the candle goes out – due to lack of oxygen – the air in the glass cools and its pressure… Read more »

Class 3 Sharing Assembly

A huge well done to Class 3 for their amazing sharing assembly. They showed great confidence and pride yesterday afternoon (and again today to me) when sharing all of their fantastic learning that they have done over the last three weeks. It is truly amazing how much learning they fit in to a school day…. Read more »

Let’s Dance

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their new PE dance topic so far where they have been learning about how to improvise movements inspired by listening to music, watching video clips and looking at pictures. It has been wonderful to see the class working together in small groups to create short dance phrases and performing these… Read more »

Science Club

Yesterday was the first session of Science Club. We were very excited about becoming scientists, creating experiments and making discoveries. The experiment we created was called ‘The Snow Globe’. This experiment involved a reaction of a solid turning into a gas causing fizzing through layers of paint and oil – causing a snow globe effect…. Read more »

Let’s Play A Card Game!

Over the last two weeks, the children have been learning about different instructions that we may use in everyday life, their purpose and what makes them good and easy to follow. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to play a range of card games by following the instructions in chronological order. This week, they wrote… Read more »