Plastic fantastic

Today we were making counters and pieces for our own board games. We used plastic, which we decorated and placed in the oven to shrink. The results were amazing!

Game night!

This afternoon, we had a look at some classic board games including: Monopoly, Cluedo, Game of Life, Snakes and Ladders and many more. We analysed the key features of each game.

Talk for writing ping pong

Today we did some talk for writing in which we played a Ping pong style game in which we create a sentence by people saying one word at a time back and forth.​ ​​​​ ​

Homework help

This week in maths, the class will be working on using multiplication facts to work out larger multiples. For example, working out 6 x 40 = 240 by working out 6 x 4 = 24. In English, they will be re-telling the escape from Pompeii story we are working on. They’ll have story maps to… Read more »

100 Read Challenge

We have started a 100 read challenge. Each time one of our children reads at home and has their record signed, they get a tick and move along the chart. There are prizes available at different milestones, such as reading 25 and 50 times. Remember; the reading record must be signed by an adult to… Read more »

Homework Help

A couple of pointers for homework this week. For maths, you need to be measuring pairs of objects and finding the difference. To do this, measure the larger object,  measure he shorter object – then subtract the length of shorter object from the larger object. We have covered column subtraction in class, though you might… Read more »

End of our anti-bullying week

As part of our anti-bullying week we have been learning the lyrics to ‘This is Me’ from the Greatest Showman. Throughout the week we have been thinking about celebrating difference and supporting each other. Here is a quick video of us singing.

Spot the difference!

  In maths today, we were investigating bar models to find the difference in measurement between objects. We used people to demonstrate. To work this out, we measured Mr Este and subtracted Charley’s height to find the difference. This was 67cm. To check, we used the inverse sum. We found that 1 Charley + 67cm… Read more »

Just a reminder

Hello all,  Just to remind you that it is pyjamas day tomorrow for the Rota kids. Please feel free to come to school in your pyjamas with any donations you can manage. We suggest a pound donation as it is being donated to  Great Ormond Street Hospital, also any good-condition toy donations for St Helenas… Read more »

Uncovering the past

Today we had some very interesting people come into class 3: archaeologists. We did lots of really fun things such as cleaning some really old roman pots and some ancient poo (don’t worry; it was only pretend!)