Monday Write

This is the big Monday write for next week (apologies for the full stop after the exclamation mark – typo!)


Please note that due to the fact that many children did not have spelling books with them today, we will be doing spelling tests on Monday. They will be given the spelling lists for the next few weeks if they have not got them already.  Mr. Este


We have been doing fractions today. Caitlyn worked out 1/16 of 128 = 8 because there are 16 equal pieces and each is worth Bella  Caitlyn and Ellie Rose

Maths Workshop – Multiplication

Thank you to all of those who attended the Maths Workshop yesterday. The focus was times tables. We went through various activities and ways to learn times tables. We also covered the Multiplication Check that Year 4’s will be taking later in the year. Those who were not able to attend missed a lot of… Read more »

Big Monday Write

Morning! I’ve tried to get this out as early as I can so you have the chance to look over it before Monday. As always, have a look and discussion as to what we will be writing; this week we’re looking at describing a scene and how we can use adjectives and prepositional phrases (Beside… Read more »

English- Instruction writing.

Pupils in Class 3 have been busy writing specific instructions for their friends to follow. We have built simple Lego models and written instructions using our imperative verbs and prepositions. Our friends will have to follow our written instructions to complete an exact replica of our models.

New Sports Kits

Thank you to Mrs Avery’s family for their very generous donation of brand new sports kits for the school. We are delighted with the new outfits and look forward to seeing the children look amazing next time they represent our school. Here is a sneak peek into what our athletes will look like.