Giraffes can’t dance! 26.01

Hoping everyone has had a great start to the week…

Zoom calls will be running the morning, this week on Maths. Using arrays or grouping to times. Learning with x2, x3, x5 and x10 (maybe even x4). We did some learning on this last week on the blogs and daily maths.

Art: step by step giraffe drawing. Maybe you could find some other jungle animals mentioned in the book too and create a puppet show later on (cut them out and stick onto lollipops sticks or pencils).

Giraffe step by step -some of us did this last year.
We haven’t done this one before, but it is a little harder. So, make sure you pause the video and take your time.

Maths: WALT recognise coins and notes. WALT solve simple money problems. Make a shopping list of items that might be needed for the Jungle Dance. How many of each item might be needed? What does each item cost? (try and stick to low amounts – under 20p for Year 1s). Year 2: Try and see if you can add up how much would it all cost? It’s always good to try and work with real change if you have it in the house and it does not have to be the real cost (try to stick to

P.E: WALT choose suitable movements for purpose (linking with music). Plan a dance that Gerald might be able to do. Could you rehearse and perform it to an audience? (Sorry mums and dads…).

Phonics: Please use one of the tricky mats below to play a game. If you can read it, you can put it counter on the square. Or make it harder, read it and then try to spell it or put it into a sentence.

Concentration/cognitive learning: Spot the difference. Apparently there are 15…

Don’t forget to complete a daily maths today and to check on your My Maths too!

Have a great day of learning.

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.