Giraffes can’t dance! 28.01

Nearly there! You’ve done a great job this week and remember to keep sending us your learning. Star of the Week is still happening for those in school and for you at home!

ICT/Art: WALT type a piece of text and change its format. WALT explore the use of warm and/or cold colours. Design a poster to advertise the Jungle Dance. Think about what words you might use, how you might decorate it? think about times? Also, if you are going to use a laptop/ICT, what font might you use? what colour writing? Big or small? When using colour, what colours might you use? Warm (red, orange, yellow…) or cold (blue, purple, green…) colours? Will you use both? Why?

Geography/ICT: WALT find information on the internet. Plan a trip to Kenya, but first…how will you plan a trip to Kenya? What might you use to help you – a search engine? What do you need to type in? Can you click on the link to find what you are looking for?

Next, find out….Where is Kenya? How would you get there? What clothes might you need? Why? Where could you stay? Year 2s: Have a look at flight costs or hotel costs with adults. Put these costs into a table – do not worry about totalling up the cost – this is a big ask.

PSHE: LO aspects of friendship. Discuss what the difference is between laughing at someone and laughing with someone. How are they different? How does each one feel?

Maths games:

Have a great day of learning everyone!

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.