Fantasy and Fairytale

We have been enjoying our new topic of fantasy stories and traditional tales. To start with, we looked at different stories to see what sort characters and settings the stories shared. Today we made helmets and hats that characters from these stories might wear. Here are some pictures of us creating our helmets and hats:… Read more »

Half Term Homework

I hope you are enjoying your break, Class 2. When you get back to school our topic will be The Fantastical. Below is are some activities you can do to get ready for it. Reading We will be using lots of new words to describe characters and settings in our fantasy world and will be… Read more »

Week 5 – Spellings

The plural spelling rules we have covered this week are as follows. Words ending in y (that have a consonant in front of them) ‘We drop the y and add an i’ then es lady – ladies baby – babies Words ending in the /f/ sound We drop the f and add an es wolf – wolves shelf – shelves dwarf – dwarves Words ending with a /ch/ /sh/ /x/ /s/… Read more »

Playground markings

Today, the School Council met with Luke to plan and design the playground markings. They worked hard using squared paper to plan the layout of the markings. The markings are due to be installed in the Summer term. Thank you Luke for all of our hard work and support with this project.

Invasion games

We played an invasion game of bench ball today in P.E. Our focus was to throw and catch the ball, marking our opponents safely and showing our peers we were ready to receive the ball using our facial expressions. We also used body language and called out our team members names to get their attention.


This morning we copied Mrs Armitage and designed our own bike. We added all sorts of useful things like a doghouse, TV screen and a banana dispenser! Then we had to think about how we would attach these things to our bike. We each had a model bike with a weight to balance on it… Read more »


In maths we used this problem to apply our dividing skills. To start with we thought about just having one left over lolly. Then we added an extra person but with there needed to be two left over. Finally we needed to find a number of lollies that worked for both situations. We found a… Read more »


This afternoon, Mrs Brown-Lee made pizzas with us. We enjoyed eating the spicy pizzas together!

Can you help?

We are looking for a volunteer to help in the library and with our accelerated reader programme. If you think you could help with the following things, please make an appointment to see me as soon as possible: * Helping to organise and sort books in the library. * Helping children to check they are… Read more »


Today, we continued with our theme of perseverance whilst attempting to complete some fun challenges! We talked about different strategies and tools that help us to persevere including learning from others and using resources. We then wrote a few of our own personal aims down as a way of committing to them and supporting one… Read more »