Sewing Update

Just a quick update on our snowmen jumpers. We have really started to get the hang of threading needles and running strictness, some of us have even been doing cross stitches too.


Class 1 and class 2 have been working incredibly hard on their performance of the Nativity, and anyone who saw it can tell you how amazing it was. All the children looked absolutely fabulous in their costumes. Thank you to Mrs Whybrow, Mr Salmon, Mrs Handford and Miss Barber for all their hard work for… Read more »

Gymnastic Sequences

We have been doing lots of work on our rolls and balances in gym. We have also been working on joining our rolls and balances into sequences. Here are a couple of videos of what we have come up with so far.

DT – Sewing

Today we started our sewing project. We are making Christmas jumpers for the snowmen we designed last week.


Today we have been learning about advent. We made a class advent wreath and thought carefully about how we can help to make the world a more peaceful place.

Science – Looking at Results

In science we focused on the interpreting our results. We continued to look at our body and muscles by measuring how long we could hold a 1kg weight. We made predictions about who we thought would be able to hold it longest, before doing the experiment. We found it hard to understand our results when… Read more »

Piano performance

This morning some children played some carols on the piano in Collective Worship. Thank you to Mrs Baulch for all her hard work teaching the children this term. Well done to all the children, you played beautifully!

Countdown to the Nativity

Over the last few weeks Class 1 and Class 2 have been practising the songs to our nativity (Whoops-A-Daisy Angel). Class 2 have also been practising the different parts and starting to go through their lines. Next week we will be sending home a note about what we would like the children to wear for… Read more »

Ip dip

In maths today we applied our sequence and multiplication skills to real situations. We used playground choosing rhymes like ip dip, to see if we could find a pattern to getting people out.  We discovered that the number of words in the rhyme was important. If we wanted to get out we needed to be… Read more »

Teeth Experiment

Class 2 asked at the start of half term if they could do some science experiments so today we did one linked to on the animal work we have done. Last week we learnt about the different types of teeth and how they linked to their diet. Today we looked at why we need to… Read more »