Giraffes can’t dance! 27.01

Happy middle of the week all!

ICT/English: WALT use question marks. LO has an awareness of purpose and audience. You are an ITV/BBC reporter. You have heard about Gerald’s story and want to find out more and tell the world! What questions would you ask him? Who would your audience be? (children?, adults?) Think about what questions they would like to ask Gerald (see if you can get someone to pretend to be him – hot seating activity). Can’t wait to see this one!

English: WALT: use of modelled language. What does the word ‘roar’ mean in this sentence, “but the lions saw him coming, and they soon began to roar”. Can you use it in a sentence so it has the same meaning?  

BBC learning – Science: a little insight to evolution in animals: The giraffe. Why does a giraffe have a long neck? Why over time did their bodies adapt?

Word search activity: Below you will find a word search filled with topical words from our book this week.

Have a great day of learning!

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.