Giraffes can’t dance! 29.01

We’ve had a great week! Let’s finish off with a BANG!

Music: WALT create short musical patterns. Compose a song that might be played at the Jungle Dance. This can be just music or can be lyrics as well. Don’t worry if you don’t have instruments, think about what’s around your house or use your hands and feet for clapping and stomping.

History: WALT use modelled vocabulary. Find out the history of a certain dance (maybe a style that Gerald uses – Waltzing? Cha Cha? Tango? Scottish Reel? Try to use vocabulary like centuries, decades, in the past, recently. You can write about this, record yourself, share it with people are home in conversation. The choice is yours.

P.E: WALT copy simple dance moves. Can you learn some moves from the dance you choose? Mrs Eastbrook might even join in…she knows a few dance moves to some of the above!

Spelling activity: using the word mat below, try and decode my jumbled up words.

aisd = hetre = tion= letlit = cleald =

mose = yeht = rae = ocudl = newh =

Pin on tricky words

I hope you all have a great day of learning!

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.