The monkey with the bright, blue bottom! 01.02

Good morning all!

New week, so new book and this is going to be the last week where we link it to jungle or rainforest animals. It’s called ‘The monkey with the bright, blue bottom’.

Read aloud by the author, Steve Smallman.

PSHE: WALT – identify and respect differences and similarities between people. The animals have lots of similarities and differences, for example: the zebra and lemur both have stripes but only the lemur can climb trees. Can you think of similarities and differences between you and the people in your home? Why is it good that we all have similarities and differences?

English/IT: WALT – use a search engine and write expanded noun phrases to describe and specify. Use a search engine (Google, Bing etc) to find a brightly coloured animal (could use some of the examples from the book) and use expanded noun phrases to describe what the animal looks like. An example of an expanded noun phrase would be; A spotty, yellow and tall giraffe. This is basically describing my giraffe (my noun).

Year 1s: I want 3 sentences with one adjective in describing your noun (the animal).

Year 2s: I want 4 sentences with at least 3 or 4 adjectives in there describing your noun (animal and/or place). Remember, if you are listening adjectives, you must use a comma , .

This video may help you a little more 🙂

Christian Values: Click on the link below to watch Andy travel to Africa in search for Chimpanzees. Think about which values the chimpanzees show and how they show it.

Courageous – Creative – Friendly – Persevering – Responsible – Truthful

Have a good day of learning everyone!

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.