The monkey with a bright, blue bottom! 03.02

Happy hump day all!

ICT/Science: WALT – find information from books or other printed (screen resources). WALT find out the basic needs of an animal (diet, habitat, survival etc). You can set this up anyway that you would like but you will need this information for the next activity.

English: WALT use descriptive writing including adjectives, adverbs and alliteration. Guess the animal? Can you write me 3-5 statements describing an animal without using it’s name? Try and make it really tricky so I have to get my thinking brain on (I’ll even be posting some hard ones on the blog for others to try and guess too!).

This can be an example for those in year 1: I have four legs. I have black and white stripes all over my body. I come from Africa. What am I?

Or a more detailed example for those in year 2: I am a mammal. I have a distinct brown pattern on my coat. I live in high grasslands with a group of as big as 20! My long, black tongue is coated with extra protection so I can get those leaves high up. What am I?

Please feel free to challenge your children. If they are in year 1 they are more than welcome to try all of the year 2 expectations – these are there as a guide.

P.E/Dance – Let’s get moving today! It’s the middle of the week and nearly the end of term and I bet some of you are a little tired… Enjoy and join in the Kidz Bop – Dance monkey!

Phonics: continuing our work on Phase 3, (keep playing the games and doing phase 2/4/5 if you need to. I’ll make sure to add resources throughout the week for these other phases too!) please look at this BBC video and activity. It starts off easy, pictures and the word (verbal) but does get harder when the pictures are taken away.

Have a great day of learning all and keep a look out on your my maths as more learning has been added.

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.