The monkey with the bright, blue bottom! 02.02

Good morning everyone!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom today! Make sure you have your whiteboards/pens/paper/pencils at the ready.

PE/Music: WALT – choose suitable movement for a purpose and move with careful control and care. WALT use my voice creatively and with good effect. Here is a monkey pose, have a go and then try and make up your own moves for different animals – make sure to add an appropriate animal noise.

Science: WALT – sort living things into groups and say why I have put them into that group. Sorting activity of jungle animals – choose some jungle animals and try to sort them into groups (colour, habitat, diet, features – tail, neck etc) and say why you have chosen to put them into that group. If you have jungle animal toys at home use those and it will be a greta visual!

Phonics: Please find the link below to a phonics that will help with their listening, sounding out and recognition of sounds (singular and digraphs).

Have a great day of learning all!

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.