Counting caterpillar

I would like you all to have another attempt at this activity. Reception, I would like you to focus on 0-10 and once confident move onto 0-20. Year One, I would like you to try 0-20, 10-30, 40-60, 70-100. If you want a challenge, order from 0-50 and then 0-100. Mrs Whybrow


Good morning Class One, it looks like it is going to be another glorious day! Today, I would like you to listen to a piece of classical music written by a composer called Debussy. It is called Papillion (French for butterfly) and I would like you to quietly listen and imagine the butterflies around you…. Read more »

Hello Tuesday.

Morning Class One, hope you are all well. We will start today with some Cosmic Kids yoga. (I know it’s not Saturday but we are moving onto butterflies) So, following on from Caterpillars we will now move onto Butterflies and Moths. There are many different species of butterflies and moths but I would like you… Read more »

Thank you

Thank you so much for joining Mrs Eastbrook, Miss Ripton and I on our Zoom classroom today. It is so wonderful seeing your fantastic work and smiley faces. I really enjoyed seeing your pets today too. Mrs W

What can it be?

Today, I have mixed up words relating to your learning last week about caterpillars. Can you unscramble them? The last word has a letter missing, what do you think it is? Answers on an email to….

Hello Monday

Good Morning everyone, I hope you had a restful weekend. Today’s learning will help you when you are walking out and about AND when you come back to school. Following on from the natural world theme, I thought we would look at Fungi. It is really important to know that some Fungi are safe, and… Read more »

Emily Brown part 2

Here is the second installment of “That’s my rabbit…’ I can’t wait to see what you decided would happen next in the story. Please do exactly the same task as I asked of you yesterday. Remember, be creative.

Last day of the learning week!

Good morning all, well done on completing another week of learning at home. Everyone at St Nicholas are extremely proud of you. We will start our day with a shake break. Another one of our favourites from class. I hope you were able to watch the video I posted yesterday regarding plants. Today, I would… Read more »

Take a look at this!

Hello, as you are aware our topic is “All things bright and beautiful’ and within this we will be covering plants. I would like you to watch this in preparation for the tasks that will be set tomorrow for Science. Many thanks. Mrs Whybrow

Daily Maths

Year R, today I would like you to find some things in your garden or on your daily walk and order them by length or height (compare items like fences, sheds, trampolines etc for height). For example, you can use sticks, flower stems or stones. Y1, I would like you to find 6 items. Compare… Read more »