Tuesday is here.

Good morning! Here is your learning for today. First of all, I would like you to clear your minds with some yoga. This week we are going to be focusing on the book, The very hungry caterpillar. Your first task is to research caterpillars. How many types of caterpillar are there? Where would you find… Read more »

Even more fun learning for Monday.

Good morning Class one. In addition to the games I have set I would like you to complete some more tasks for me. Last week I asked you to research Saint Francis of Assisi. I would like you to answer the following questions and write them down if you can (Year one I am expecting… Read more »

Reception Monday maths.

Here is the online maths task for Reception. https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/whackAMole/index.html Again, the children have played this in class, the game focuses on counting in order.

A new idea for daily phonics!

My family and I have been playing lots of Scrabble to keep our minds focused and our English skills fresh. I thought of a wonderful idea for a daily phonics task that can be completed by the children. Each day I will muddle up some words (including Tricky words) and they need to be unscrambled…. Read more »

Online classroom tomorrow!

If you recall last week I spoke about an online show and share. This is happening tomorrow via the app Zoom and you should all receive a Parent mail today with an invitation. My expectation from this classroom is for the children to share the wonderful learning they have been doing. Although it is lovely… Read more »

Daily Maths

Here are the tasks for daily maths of which both Yr1 and Reception can complete. We have played this game in class so your child will be familiar. Numbers can be adjusted to suit ability. https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/countingCaterpillar/index.html Mrs Whybrow

Friday fun!

Morning class one, apologies for the late post. Today, I would like you all to find out what Saint Francis of Assisi was the patron saint for. Be prepared for your task on Monday. Hopefully, you can join me Tuesday (parents too) in our online classroom to show and share. Ok, so today is meant… Read more »

Thursday learning.

Morning class one, I thought you could begin your day with one of our favourite shake breaks. Maths today we will be focusing on weight. Maybe you could bake a cake, reading the recipe to get the correct measure of ingredients. Do you think 250g of sugar will look the same in a bowl as… Read more »

Thursday maths for Reception.

Here is your Thursday Maths challenge Reception. Keep on working hard with your learning. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/coconut-ordering Order the coconuts!

Show and share lockdown style!

Hi all, next Tuesday at 10.30 am, class one will be having a show and share session via Zoom! Parents I shall send details of zoom including password to access the video classroom. I would love to see all the fabulous learning that you have been doing at home, I hope you are available to… Read more »