Busy Bees 23rd Feb

Hello, I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s learning.

Thinking back to our story of the Greedy Bee, the author has used onomatopoeia, This is such a fun and fantastic feature of writing as you can be really creative. Onomatopoeia, is when a word sounds like the action. For example, crash, splat, plop.

Can you revisit the book and find the words that use onomatopoeia? Next, I wonder if you can make a list of other words using this feature. Year 1 and the challenge for Reception is to use it in a sentence. ‘Bang went the pots and pans as the cat dashed through the kitchen.’

This week in school, we are going to be looking at programming and algorithms. An algorithm is a set of instructions that tell a computer or robot what to do. To do this at home, you could make your grown up pretend to be a robot and give them instructions to get from one place to the other. For example, to get to the kitchen from the living room, take 3 steps forward, turn right, take a step forward etc.

Year one and Reception challenge, try programming your own game. I will post different links each day of games to try.


Parents, there is a tutorial video to explain how to code with blocks. This a basic game that I would teach in class. Please have a go and if you need any help, please contact me.

This is how the first code will look like, look at it as a step per block for an instruction. Good luck.

Mrs Whybrow