Mixed up fairy tales.

Fairy tales are lots of fun to read and to retell but what would happen if Red Riding Hood stumbled across the Gingerbread House from Hansel and Gretel? Would she save them? What fairy tales can you mix up and create new stories with? Maybe you could create a storyboard or tell your grown ups… Read more »

Don’t forget Geraldine the giraffe!!

The children are all aware of Geraldine the giraffe. She will help your children to revise their phonics knowledge. Class one adore watching her being silly but still learning her sounds. You will find her on Youtube, Mr Thorne does Phonics, or just search Geraldine the giraffe. Have fun watching! Mrs Whybrow

Maths catcher!!

Hello, This activity is a super fun way to practise Maths skills. It is based on the paper fortune tellers that are made from a square piece of paper. I have included photos just in case you are unsure of the catcher. This can be used for addition and subtraction, with maths questions inside to… Read more »

Super STEM activity!

Today, I have been experimenting with felt tip pens and acidic solutions to create a Chromatography rainbow! This is a simple experiment that both Reception and Year One can complete using things you most likely have in the kitchen. I have added step by step photos of the experiment. You need: Felt tip pens, an… Read more »