Safety around the home.

Yesterday, we learnt about being safe at home. The children spotted hazards around the classroom and we discussed the importance of being safe. Mrs Whybrow

Road safety walk to the park.

The children went on a road safety walk to the park today. We used the crossing rules of Stop, Listen, Look, Think! We then had a great time playing in the park. Many thanks to the adults who assisted us on the trip today! Mrs Whybrow

Junk modelling rockets

Afternoon, I am looking for any smaller cardboard boxes and bottles so that the children can make rockets this week. Any donations are gratefully received. Many thanks Mrs Whybrow

Year 1 My Maths homework.

I have set new homework for the week on My maths. Please ensure your child completes this as it is a Year one expectation. Many thanks Mrs Whybrow

Cheeky monkey phonics

Today in phonics, we were cheeky monkeys and practised our letter formation on the carpet!!

Nature walk.

Today, we had our Autumn investigation box out. The children used magnifying glasses to examine the objects closely. We then made some pictures of the contents. After lunch, we took to the field to find new items to fill our box. I wonder what creativity it will inspire in the children tomorrow.

Phonics challenge

Here is a phonics challenge for you all. If you can return your answers by Friday, I shall give you 20 house points. How many words can you make from these letters? How many tricky words can you make from these letters? Mrs Whybrow

Golden Tickets!!

Miss Ripton and I are so excited to see the children embracing our Golden ticket reading rewards. Well done to this weeks recipients! I wonder how many we will give out this Friday?

English Workshop

Many thanks to all who attended our English workshop. I hope it was useful to you in some way. Remember. sound talking is such a great way of getting phonics into your home routine. It does not have to be many times but even 2 sound talked commands is beneficial/. To make it fun, get… Read more »