Busy bees 24th Feb

Hello again, I hope you enjoyed the coding activity and are managing to find things for the maths task when out and about.

Here is the coding activity for today. You all know I love Star Wars!!


I would suggest you stop at puzzle 6, from 7 onwards it gets a little tricky but by all means if you wish to try go for it. I had fun playing this game.

Anyway, back to our bee learning. I would like you to research the types of bees that are found in the UK. What do they look like, what are their similarities and differences. Can you find out what kind of plants are good for pollinators.

I thought it would be fun if you could make your own beehive too. If you can draw a hexagon, either trace or find one online to print and cut out (although you need a few), then tesselate them into a beehive pattern. Can you make it really colourful and then make a bee to live in it. As a challenge, can you make a 3D version?

Have fun, remember to keep practising your phonics. I’ve listed some games below.



Mrs Whybrow