Gymnastics club

Today James came to speak to us in assembly to promote a new Gymnastics Club which will start on Monday 5th November. Please contact the school office for more details.

Tolleshunt D’Arcy Remembers

Today a group of children displayed our poppies around the Maypole and built a wall of remembrance in our school library. Thank you to John from the council for supporting this project and to all the staff and children for their hard work and enthusiasm.

Musical fun

Today we played with some musical instruments. We had a try clapping and then playing the beats in our name e.g. Fre-die has 2 beats whilst Beau only has 1 beat! We then had fun making our own  bands outside!

Harvest festival

Today we went to church to celebrate Harvest. Thank you everyone for your hard work and support. Keep the donations coming – Maldon food bank will be collecting our collection on Thursday.

Observational drawings

Today we looked carefully at different fruit and vegetables. We talked about the shape, colour and detail before we started drawing. We are amazing artists!

An afternoon of mark making. 

The children have had a lovely afternoon mark making in class. They have pretended to be teachers and vets, each child mark making with a purpose in mind. 

Firework safety

Today, Kate from Essex Fire and Police came to visit us in assembly. We thought about how to keep ourselves safe around fireworks. Thank you Kate for helping us to keep safe.

Pirate song

Today one of our class friends taught us how to dance like a pirate! It was great fun!

Number of the day

Today, our number of the day was 7. The children problem solved our number board, changing the concrete objects as needed. The children were able to prove their answers and we also investigated bigger and smaller numbers. 

Supporting charities

Today we had a visitor in assembly from Little Havens who spoke to us about the work that they do to support children and their families. The Rota Kids are busy planning the charities that they will support this year. Information has been sent home with the children if you would like to support this… Read more »