Playground markings

Today, the School Council met with Luke to plan and design the playground markings. They worked hard using squared paper to plan the layout of the markings. The markings are due to be installed in the Summer term. Thank you Luke for all of our hard work and support with this project.


Today we tried lots of different Chinese food for Chinese New Year. This was really great to explore different tastes and flavours of different cultures.

Number work

Yesterday we did some number writing. It was really awesome to see how great we all are at writing numbers. We are looking forward to making a few tweaks to our formation to make our writing stunning!

Show time!

On Thursday afternoon, we had a lot of fun using percussion instruments to accompany our singing! A few of us used the iPads to take photographs to capture the fun!

Role Playing!

Yesterday, we all decided to play a game of witches in which we all were running around on broom sticks and turning each other in frogs. This was so much fun!​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ ​​ ​

Can you help?

We are looking for a volunteer to help in the library and with our accelerated reader programme. If you think you could help with the following things, please make an appointment to see me as soon as possible: * Helping to organise and sort books in the library. * Helping children to check they are… Read more »


Today, we continued with our theme of perseverance whilst attempting to complete some fun challenges! We talked about different strategies and tools that help us to persevere including learning from others and using resources. We then wrote a few of our own personal aims down as a way of committing to them and supporting one… Read more »

It’s Snowing!!!

Class one were extremely excited to see the snow falling today. We decided to go outside and catch snowflakes on our tongues, it was super fun. 

Today’s Fun

Sorry for the word document format of today’s blog.  This is due to technical difficulties. Many thanks Maths This little piggy went to the bakery Writing Numbers

We shall have order!

Today in class one, we had a look at ordering our numbers from 0 to 10. We did this by creating a person-sized number line. We had lots of fun doing this. We are now number experts!