Space Poems

Today some of us wrote space poems using dramatic adjectives and personification. Here are some of our poems. Running yellow dust, Cheesy yellow planets, Walking light, Pitch black sky, Diamond blue lightni, Blood red lava.


Some photos of our explanation work.


Today we used our designs to make our own rockets. We used glue, tape and strips of paper to attach the boxes, bottles and tubes together to build our rockets.

Explanation Texts & Homework

Well done Class 2, some great writing for our How to get to space explanation texts. You really reflected on what you included and used the success criteria well. Some pictures of this work to follow next week.   I have set some maths homework on Sam Learning again this week. For most there are two… Read more »

Bulb Planting

This afternoon we planted some spring bulbs. Hopefully we will see them again soon.

Junk Modelling

Next week we will be making our own rockets from recycled materials. If you have any bottles or cardboard boxes that you could provide that would be much appreciated. – Mr Salmon

Rocket Forces

Today we learnt about forces. First we talked about what forces were. Andrew came up with this idea, that we used for the rest of the lesson. a force makes you do something   We drew force diagrams using arrows to show these forces. We learnt the words thrust, friction and gravity. Then we did… Read more »

Jam Tarts

Today we followed instructions and made our class some delicious jam tarts.

Astronaut training

Today we were training to be astronauts! We watched the moon landing video, built our own rockets and took part in some agility training! It was fun!

Maths Homework

For this new term I am going to be setting homework through the school’s SAM Learning portal. This will be weekly and will support the children’s learning in class. For those unfamiliar with the log in click here. You will need to use the following details to log in: Centre ID – CM9SN UserID – ddmmyyInitials… Read more »