While year 2 were gardening with Mrs Richards, year 3 took some time to meditate. In class we have been looking at Buddhism and had watched some people meditating in a video. This afternoon we looked (and smelled) incense and thought about why candles feature in Buddhist meditation. Finally we meditated ourselves, focusing on being… Read more »

Church Council Assembly

Today we had a visit from Reverend Sarah after the Church Council decided that they would like to make some changes to our altar. She came in to tell us about the colours the church use to celebrate different festivals throughout the year. She showed us some of her stoles she wears for the different dates…. Read more »


Today Mrs Brown-Lee took a group of children out to bake. They focused on different types of bread and how this has changed over time. Thank you to Mrs Brown-Lee for coming in.

Maths Homework

Next week we are going to be looking at measurements again. The first thing we will be covering is time, so I have set some time homework on MyMaths. Keep practising telling the time, both with hands and digital, it is such an important life skill. I know some of you are already good time… Read more »

Maypole Dancing

Today Alison came to teach us how to Maypole Dance. We learnt various different dances including the plait and cobweb. Each dance created a different pattern and we had to follow the instructions to make sure we didn’t get tangled up!

Ma Famille – My Family

This week in french we learnt how to describe our family. We drew our family tree in french and told each other true or false sentences for a partner to guess. For example: Dans ma famille il y a deux soeurs – In my family there are two sisters Do you think this is vrai… Read more »

Plant Study

Today we studied the seeds we had planted. We thought the seeds we placed in the dark wouldn’t have grown at all, but actually they had! We found out that seeds need the right conditions to grow, and that they only need the sunlight when they poke through the soil. Using magnifying glasses we made… Read more »

Forensic Science Day

Today Dan came to teach us about Forensic Science and how it helps to solve crimes. After discussing DNA and our individual make-up, we used clues to solve a crime! Thank you Mrs Clarke for organising the exciting and educational workshop!

Art Club

This week some budding young artists attended Art Club in school.  children really enjoyed their first session  and produced some lovely pieces.  The club is currently full but we can run another course in the Autumn term if there is enough interest.


We have been learning a new sport, tennis. Today we continued to focus on control the ball, before building up to short rallies with a partner.