Zones of Regulation (ZoR)

Hello all,

Just wanted to do a little recall about the Zones of Regulation and how we are using it in school.

The Zones of Regulation is a curriculum and it uses a systematic, cognitive behavioural approach to teach self-regulation (how we manage our feelings). ZoR helps to teach mindful behaviour by categorising all the different ways we feel into four coloured zones:

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In class, we have linked the ZoR colours to the Disney Pixar characters, Inside out.

Joy – green. Sadness – blue. Anger and Fear – red. Disgust and Fear – yellow (as you can see, Fear can come into both categories).

Inside Out' Character Profiles: Anger, Joy, Disgust, Fear and Sadness -  Updated | Pixar Post

In school, we try to get the children to use the colours/characters to tell us how they are feeling. This has been a massive support system for those who are unable to communicate effectively how they are feeling.

Lower down the school (Class 1 mainly), they have been using a similar approach called ‘The Colour Monster’. This is exactly like ZoR but written as a story for better understanding.

The Colour Monster: Llenas, Anna: 9781783704231: Books

If you would like further information on ZoR, please ask a member of staff and we can support you with this.

Mrs Archer.