Human and Physical Geography

In geography we studied maps and looked at man made (human) and natural (physical) features. We learnt new words like harbour and port. Then we made our own maps including the different features. Here are some of our maps.

Class 2 Tollesbury Trip – Update

I just wanted to give an update before next Thursday’s trip. Thank you to everyone who has already replied to the permission form we sent last week (I still have a few outstanding forms so please check your spam folder etc. if you have not replied already). We will be leaving school around 9:00 and… Read more »

Week 2 Spellings

This weeks spellings are as follows. Year 2 Past tense words, regular and irregular. moved sounds like t sounds like d irregular walked turned span (to spin) talked married caught (to catch) jumped raised drove (to drive) laughed studied spoke (to speak) Year 1 Long vowel sound /ee/ ey ea ee tricky ee monkey sea… Read more »

Creative afternoon

This afternoon we spent some time adding further detail to out seascape pictures as inspired by Van Gogh and Monet. We then listened to music by Pentatonix and sang some pirate songs!

Art club

Just a reminder that art club, run by Mr Fox, is starting tomorrow. We still have some spaces available and would love to see you there! There is a £1 per child admittance fee to help cover any costs that would be required for resources such as sketch books. For any further information regarding the… Read more »


We played tennis in the sun today. Some of us have started playing matches using the nets. The rest of us were practising directing the ball by playing tennis golf, or working with Mr Salmon practising hitting the ball with tennis rounders.

PSHE – New World

In our circle time this afternoon, we imagined that we were in charge of shipwrecked travellers stuck on a desert island. We had to think about what rules we might put in place to support everyone’s needs. To start with we had ideas like only watching certain things on tv and looking after the environment…. Read more »

Science – Asking questions

Today in science we looked at floating. We had to decide from a range of materials which ones would float. After testing them, we had to explain why we thought they floated. We had lots of different ideas about why things floated, like size and shape, but we were surprised when some big things floated… Read more »

Art – Van Gogh Seascapes

This half term we are looking at seascapes. We will be creating the our own seascapes using different artistic styles. On Wednesday we looked at Van Gogh and how he used layers of colour to create the feeling of motion. Then we had a go ourselves using layers of colour to try and create the… Read more »

Year 2 SATs Question and Answer Session

This Friday (26th) we will be having a question and answer session about the statutory tests that the children will be sitting in May. This is a chance to find out a bit more about what the testing involves and ask Mr Salmon any questions you might have about them. We will be meeting at 9:00 in… Read more »