Mother’s Day Lunch

Thank you for joining us for the Mother’s Day lunch! We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did! A big thank you to all the lunch time staff for making this event possible.

Space Shelters

Today we made space shelters to survive in on our new planet (well small versions of them). We came up with a criteria for our shelter: It had to stand on its own Be waterproof and fireproof Be bigger than a bed (so we could sleep) and taller than a person (so we could stand… Read more »


Before meeting Ketra in the hall we did a variety of Fairtrade activities. We started by looking at lots of food packaging and finding where they had come from using atlases. Then we did some circle time with the theme of ‘walking a mile in someone else’s shoes’. We discussed what I might feel like… Read more »

Class 2 Production

I was going to introduce this last week on World Book Day, but snow. This year’s class 2 play will continue the Roald Dahl theme with a production of Danny the Champion of the World. We will be sorting out roles next week, with props and costumes being arranged closer to the time. – Mr… Read more »

Healthy Eating

We have been thinking about how we might survive on our planet. We tried some unusual planet food first: Then we looked at the different food types that make up our food. We learnt about the different food groups before sorting food into them.

The parable of the sower

Today we acted out the story from the Bible – The Parable of the sower. We thought about the meaning of the story and how we can live a good life and grow strong like the seeds in the field.


Thank you for the great half-term homework that you have already brought in. I know a couple of you said you had forgotten to bring it last week; please do so this coming week so that we can show it all off in a gallery of your work on Friday. If you have missed the… Read more »

Space Diaries

This week we started our new term imagining that we have crash landed on an unfamiliar planet. Each day we have been writing a diary entry using a different skill. Here are some of our diary entries.


Today we learnt about inequalities <> and =. We had forgotten which way they went when we compare numbers. We used balances to visualise the symbols. This helped us see that the inequality always ‘chomped’ the larger number. By the end we could solve problems like this: 23 < ? < 50


We have been looking at the human body. We learnt about how astronauts bodies change in space, how our muscles work and more about the skeleton. On Tuesday we looked at digestion. To start with we shared what we already knew or thought. We found that there were lots of things we were not sure… Read more »