Our nativity creations

Today the children created their very own nativity scene; including a stable, some animals and some characters from the nativity story. They used many different materials such as fabrics, paper and cardboard and learnt how to join and secure materials using elastic bands. The year one children had to work independently and had to use… Read more »

Making 10

Today we investigated different ways of making 10 using the numicon and balance scales. We are now learning to say our number bonds really quickly e..g 4+6=10 7+3=10 or 10-5 =5. Please help us to practice at home.

Design and technology projects

This past week we have been creating our DT Projects that coincide with our theme this term which is space. We have created our very own space scenes using cardboard boxes and some of the pictures that we have created.

The Good Samaritan

Today we thought about being friendly to everyone just like The Good Samaritan! We made our own friendly pictures to help us to remember to always be kind, friendly and helpful.

Being friendly

Today we talked about being friendly and using kind words when we talk to each other. We acted out some scenarios and talked about how we can solve the problems. We noticed that if we talk nicely to each other we can solve a problem quicker.

Remembrance service

Today we went to church to take part in a whole school remembrance service. Thank you to Canon Paul and the Holy Council for organising and leading the service. VWell done to the choir for singing so beautifully too.

Grandparents lunch

Thank you for joining us today for lunch and play. We thoroughly enjoyed eating and playing with you!


We have been talking about our school value – friendly. We thought about how to be friendly and how people feel when we are kind to them.