Jam Tarts

Today we followed instructions and made our class some delicious jam tarts.

Astronaut training

Today we were training to be astronauts! We watched the moon landing video, built our own rockets and took part in some agility training! It was fun!

Maths Homework

For this new term I am going to be setting homework through the school’s SAM Learning portal. This will be weekly and will support the children’s learning in class. For those unfamiliar with the log in click here. You will need to use the following details to log in: Centre ID – CM9SN UserID – ddmmyyInitials… Read more »

Mad Science Assembly

Today we had a visit from Helen from the Mad Science team. We had lots of fun learning about air pressure and forces. Helen will be running a club at our school – details to follow!

Gravity Experiment

Today we carried it an experiment about gravity. We dropped objects from above be the tables and timed how long they took to land on the floor. Most of us predicted that it would be the heaviest object, but we found that actually they hit at almost exactly the same time.

Epiphany service

Today we went to church and learnt about Epiphany. Thank you to the ministry team for their hard work and support. Well done to all the children for their beautiful singing, reading and leading the prayers!

Word Classes

Yesterday we braved the cold to practise word classes. We used sentences drawn on the playground to identify nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. When Mr Salmon called out a word class we had to go and stand on the correct word. In class we changed these words to change the meaning of the sentence.

Big Sing

Today was the first of ten workshops with Amy from The Big Sing. We all had a great time! Please look out for details of our performance on 21st March. 

French – Body Parts

Yesterday we continued learning our French by singing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French! Then we designed and drew aliens and labelled their body parts. Next we played Guess Who with aliens. We had to say the number and body parts in French. Here are the aliens we were playing with.

Space Art

This afternoon we used the marbling inks to make constellations and planets to use in our topic display.