Easter Homework

Next term our topic is going to be pirates. Today we came up with a list of things we would like to find out about pirates and below I have put some activities for the children to get them started with answering them. Try and have a go at at least two of these over the holdiays.


  • Write a factfile about a real or imaginary pirate. This could include what they look like, where they are from, what they are famous from.
  • Come up with your own pirate name (add a the and an adjective to your own name) Captain Keith the mighty and write a diary for a day of your life. What are you doing? Are you marooned? Have you found some treasure?


You could record these as pictures or through writing.

  • Can you find out why things float? Make a boat of different sizes. Place some coins into the boat. Is there a shape that works best to keep the coins floating?
  • It is hard to get all the food you need on a pirate ship. Can you find out what foods we need to eat to stay healthy? Plan a pirate meal, you could try making it with help. What did you include to stay fit an healthy aboard?


  • Each pirate has their own flag design. Create a flag to fly above your ship and scare your enemies. What materials could you use? You could make a collage of different colours and patterns or fabric (check if need help for this).
  • Pirates used maps to get around. Design a map (you could mark some treasure on it) to help you navigate. Try to include a grid so that you can use coordinates.


There are lots of really good stories linked to the sea. I can recommend the following, if you would like some extra reading over the holiday.

  • Robinson Crusoe (a classic tale of being trapped on a desert island – there are good children’s versions of this story) for confident readers.
  • Treasure Island (about a pirate called Long John Silver, again there are children’s versions of this story) for confident readers.
  • The lighthouse keepers lunch by Ronda Armitage (this is a series of books based around a lighthouse).
  • The snail and the whale by Julia Donaldson (a fun book to read aloud).
  • The pirates next door by Jonny Duddle.

Finally another really important question I would like the children try and find out the answer to over the holidays is… Why are pirates called pirates?